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How many goals will he score for Juve?[all comp.]

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Jul 30, 2015
Then use Higuain or Mandzukic as a striker :tup:. Then on the RW we can rotate between Douglas Costa, Berna, Cuadrado and Dybala.

Ronaldo will be used as a LW even Sarri said it
Paulo ala Mertens false 9 or SS

- - - Updated - - -

Inter want to close the Lukaku deal in the coming hours to avoid a new bid from Juventus. [Di Marzio]
Do it :beppe2:, close us now


I would suck Marchisio
Jan 28, 2013
FIF saying Conte and Inter fans are happy and Juve and Juve fans are sad by this news. It's almost like they don't realize most of the fans were against this move. I was against the valuation of Dybala and am very happy this rumor has died a quick death. Here one day, gone the next.

Bye Felicia.
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