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Jul 23, 2002
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The Rome is Crubmling PArt II

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Rome is Crumbling Part II

Rome steap climb towards the Top Began when Fabio Capello was hired. The Previous coach hadn’t had any catastrophic seasons it had actually been a quite good one judging by Roma’s recent standards.
But now the club was aiming at something completely different becoming one of the best in the country and even the world.

I was very intruged seeing Capello ply his trad there. He had been very successful with Milan and at Real Madrid he had given them imidiate success where so many had failed before. In other words It was interesting to see what Capello would do to a team that usually finished UEFA Cup spot in Italy.

Capello first season was quite interesting he bought two players. In Europe relatively unkown young promising Defender (at the time 22) Walter Samuel from Boca Juniors. s For this defender he paid a then record transfer fee for defenders, at the time many would of argued that there were far better defenders he could have bought for that sum.
But Walter Samuel was a important part of Boca and Boca economics were secure at the time so Boca so no point in releasing the player.

Another Very Similar Transfer was the Transfer of Assancao a virtually unknown Brazilian used by Luxemburgo maybe ones or twice but as soon as arriving in Europe his national appearances were forever forgotten in Brazil.

Both these players were quite low profile. Not Big names, and certainly now cut price deals.
But they were what Roma needed Capello had looked at the team and decided to strengthen it where it needed strengthing. He had also scouted the optimal player for the positions to fit into the Roma squad and he was ready to get them no matter what.

In previous season the coach or the sport director together with the president would be searching the transfer marker for the best cut price deal and get a player that would generate a lot of media attention.

This Roma board was however ready to spend smaller fortunes on players that before arrival the average Roma fan had never heard. of.

However since They were perfect pieces in Capello puizzle they soon showed what an important contribution they made to the team.

Next year Capello continued along the same lines by buying Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Emerson also for a mild fortune.
Another Brazilan playing almost the same position as Assancao
And ofcourse he got one of the best strikers of the 90’s in getting Gabriel Batistuta
This astonished many not many people would of splashed out 30million pounds for a 31 year old

But Roma did. Many said Batigol was over the hill, they were probably right. But he wasn’t going that far away from the top, and the following season he delivered the goods to Roma together with Del Vechio and Totti and sometimes even Montella.

For Roma defending the title season Capello made few changes bought Lima and loaned Panuchhi. Both these players added much needed depth to the squad. Giving Capello more options on those positions where injuries could before damage the teams quality severely.

The Reserve Antonio Cassano was bought as a future Prospect and apprentice to Totti. For enoromous 22million. This I believe had nothing to do with Capello but was rather a personal power struggle between Sensi and Juventus. Sensi trying to show that he can beat the old guard to signing the finest young players Italy has to offer.

Unfortunatley Cassano went to a Capello who had no intention in using the apprentice for anything else the late substitutions.

The First Sign of that Everything wasn’t going that well in Roma was the Transfer policy.
Capello has few weak spots as a manager but if it is one is not being able to sell his players when their stock hits the peak.
(Just as a certain Scottish Fellow Coaching the Dreaded Man U.)

If you look at Roma at the Players Roma the firs three summers of Capello, it was not a single first team regular apart from perhaps I think the total amount of all their players sold during this 3 year stint equaled to the money Roma splashed for Walter Samuel.

Which basically meant they had a buy sell balance of
-72 million

Even Sensi started feeling this pain and this is why he only loaned Panuchi.

However these where the booming days of football so such figures didn’t alarm many apart from myself at the time. some clubs sold for great profits (Perugia and Parma) some clubs sold and bought Expensive (Juve and Lazio) and some club only bought Expensive (Roma)

Roma basically offloaded players that were way over the hill and hadn’t been able to produce anything for the club…. That had their lowest values in many years.-…..

With titles come vanity and dillusions of grandeur. Totti started leading a fraction of the players that thought that their historic Scudetto should be rewarded with a hefty pay rice
And why shouldn’t the champions make as much of money as the underachving divas of Inter Milan do????

Sensi who had long planned to cover this weak side of Fabio Capello with the extra TV Money and Champions League cash.

Had no 4 of his 6 players threatening walk out of the club if their demands weren’t met. It went as far as the Prince of Roma Totti making statements like.
-Roma might not be the only club I play for
-I might be forced to leave roma.
-I would like to stay in Roma for my whole carrear but then they have to pay me what I deserve.

Totti and his agents + lawyers got what they wanted and so did the other players. Suddenly the big TV money was being eaten by the wages.

The CL money was also being smaller then hoped for when Roma failed to progress to the quarter finals of the CL.
A crisis was already on the hands. Then the big bomb dropped on football Europe the bankruptcy of the pay-per view football. Guess they all forgot about People choosing Sport Bars instead of Paying the cable companies for something that ones was free.

Another Point
Roma’s average age in the squad is quite high None of their big spendings will ever even sell for half of their value apart from perhaps Cassano.
All of their smart Buys (Cafu, Montella and Candela) have all started ageing Candela being the only who has yet to surpass his peak.

And here is the beauty
The Catch

Here is why Roma doom is so much darker then Lazio’s.

Roma has a fat debt that has become clear.

Roma will be forced to sell players(not any players) First Team player important player and even some stars.

However there is one problem with this……
There is this one person standing in the way for these sales

His Name: Fabio Capello
Fabio Characterastics include:
Ego Centric

All these characteristics are the ones that make him into such a great manager. But They also make him into one stubborn fellow who won’t put the best of Roma before his untainted Reputation as one of the Worlds Best Managers.

Capello will sooner walk out on Roma then seeing
Sensi offloading his so precious Jiggsaw puzzle piceces to other clubs.
Fabio Capello has in the past made clear that he is uncompromising in his policy and this has started up feuds with both Berlosconi and Lorenzo Sanz.

So Roma have 2 options really:

A: Making some sales selling either Candela or Roma in winter window, and selling however stays in the summer, also looking to offload Batistuta for some serious money and perhaps finding a suitor for Del Vechhio or Walter Samuel.
This will probably lead to Capello resignation earliest this fall latest next summer. Which will mean Roma will fall accordingly in the rankings, and perhaps 2003/2004 for next season fighting for the intertoto place.

B: Sensi will stand by and watch Capello Coach his team without intervention. Being only able to sell the substitute Cassano to Juventus for perhaps a half or a third of what he bought him for. To calm down the worst debts. Roma might even have a great season and take the Scudetto or make it far in the CL! But Roma will get eaten from within. The wages will effectively kill them together with the transfer in/out deficit. Roma will get killed and eaten from within like a person containing an ugly form of Luekemia. Their Debts will creep upon them like a evil cancer and devour them and their result will ultimately be one of Fiorentina.

I am interested to see how far Sensi is willing to push it………….


(End of Article)

That is the Article
Which Option would you choose?
If you were Sensi

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Aug 1, 2002
Wow very interesting points u have there. It really clears up alot when i think how juve could sell zizou when he was at his peak. or how lazio sold veron, nedved and salas in a matter of weeks. also cappello already said this would be his last season with roma. cappello is a great coach and when he's jobless i hope the FA give him a shot at the azzurri. He's a natural born fighter and he would do the national team some good.
About Man utd. AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!! No one understands how much i hate them. once they sign a player then that player is doomed 2 a very bad retirement. If anyone read the book Animal Farm, the horse Boxer would be a good metaphor for the players at Man utd. Real Madrid is another team i despise. again they wont sell their players, well u cant blame them cos they are winning everything. but what i hate about them is that the way they spend money on massive transfers and always win the CL is a very bad handicap 2 smaller teams. this way football wont progress if all the best players in the world get 2gether and kick everyones ass.

Well if i was sensi, i would sell del vecchio, emerson.... probably all of the midfield except 4 totti. in defence get rid of all the old players. sell batistuta, if i get a good offer 4 cassano like a shared ownership of him then i would sell him. then i would send my scouts 2 holland, argentina and sweden. there i will get cheap players that will fix my wages problems and in a couple of years when these players prices go up i would sell them and do the same. thus turning roma into juve#2.


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Jul 12, 2002
There are a couple of holes in that piece first off, Bati cost 22m not 30m, Montella is not over the hill as he is i believ younger than Candela and i don't think he is older than 27 and if they were to sell him . he will go for nothing less than 15m

Btw is sensi not meant to be one of the richest Italians, anyways we will find out if all this is true or not


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Jul 23, 2002
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    well it is not my post so I am not going to defend it

    but Montella will for sure not go for 15m pounds
    maybe dollars

    as a sub he doesn't get that much publicity in Roma
    and with the current slump in transfer markets
    it is no longer a sellers market
    but a buyers........

    I think it would be very hard to find a buyer for Montella
    All I can come up with are Torino and Napoli who could afford to spalsh anything above 12million dollars and who would consider Montella as an very much needed strengthing to their squad.

    The Top 3 Juve, Inter and Milan
    have no interest in him since they all have excess amounts in those positions.

    While Bologna and Parma new transfer policies is probably
    don't even look at players priced over $10m.


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    Jul 23, 2002
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    Personally I thought like Stripper that I would choose A
    that would be the natural choice for anyone
    to start a new:

    Sell the players while they still were worth money and buy in new, cheap and promising talent.

    But Sutnop told me that this would be the ideal solution for a River fan or a Juve fan.
    But not perhaps for an ageing Roma president.
    Sensi might very well choose option B since
    with his Robin Hood personality and aim to defy the biggest superpower in Italy Juventus.
    Another Win for Roma or a CL win would in his eyes be worth the cost of elimination to C2.

    since Sensi is old and waited a long time to start this quest on shaking up the Italian Club order.
    He might feel that is too late to turn back
    and since he is an old man that hasn't got that many years left he is thinking that Perhaps winning the Scudetto a second time is more worth
    the securing a healthy long term future.


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    Jul 13, 2002
    Sell anybody over 32 :D

    I dunno, but I wouldn't sell the midfield. They have a strong mid, Roma with Emerson and Tomassi. As for attack, Totti and Montella would do. I would keep Cassano... and yes, they need to get younger defenders.


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    Jul 12, 2002
    What of Capello's alleged astronomical salary? Wouldnt getting rid of him save them a bit of cash in wages


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    Jul 23, 2002
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    my point
    it is either the choice of keeping a strong team (gori model)

    and getting destroyed from within

    or slowly getting back to a team that can fight for UEFA Cup places
    with smaller salaries

    and less spectacular players......


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    Jul 23, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
    It's Fiorentina or Parma then... :D
    thats actually a very good way of putting it....

    Parma marked the end of Their David and Goliath Struggle
    By First Releasing Chiesa and Crespo
    and then releasing THuram
    Now Cannavaro

    Parma will by no means be weak
    but it will be a team with a fire power in comparison to Udinese and Bologna.
    Getting the UEFA cup spot and on a good season getting 4th place.


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    Aug 1, 2002
    If there were no teams like parma,bologna,fiorentina,chievo and my favourite, atalanta then we would have no NT and top italian teams would be packed with foreigners


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    Jul 23, 2002
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    IF Sensi Really tRy to move on Davids
    it is already clear he is considering alternative B.

    If not he is probably considering A.
    But in that case on of his regulars has to go earlisest this winter.

    LEaving behind a Gaping hole and a Raging Capello

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