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Apr 14, 2013
Depends on the budget and the board's ambition I'd say.
Ambition is great but how do you keep 6 high profile mids on big wages all happy? Maybe we could get away with Ndombele for half a year, with the excuse of him not being ready and needing to be phased in. Then wed need to sell a starter next summer to make room for him. But Can and Bentancur are expecting some quality minutes as well i would think.

As a fan i wouldnt mind having such luxury ofcourse but i dont see it playing out in real life


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Sep 20, 2011
I think some already mentioned, but tome his position is only one: DM. I think he can become near world class at this. He's quick, tough, mobile, passes decently, can carry the ball when needed, good first touch, has stamina.

As a CM he is quite average, because the absolute lack of offensive instincts.

Just deploy the guy as a DM. I would actually think about investing him on this starting position and letting Pjanic go (he also underperforms as a regista), only to make money to get SMS - who is as real box-to-box CM.

Bentancour/Can - Ramsey/Rabiot - SMS


Jun 7, 2004
His call is defensive orientation.
Sarri likes to play players to their percieved strengths, we have others more fittinf for that role (Berna) but imo, getting one dedicated wc CAM is the decisive step for realistic CL claims


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Sep 4, 2006
He seems hesitant to play serious forward passes.

There have been so many occasions this season where Bentancur thinks about playing a forward pass, but then hesitates and plays it safe/backwards instead. I've seen it happen too many times.

This can develop/improve with age.
if only allegri knew how to train an attack and didnt sabotage young players :sad:

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