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Sep 3, 2018
I miss Bowie so much. I mean it's sad when great artists die but it's even sadder when it's someone who still got it, he was still a relevant creative mind releasing truly interesting music. Hard to say the same about most music heroes of the past.

Kurt Cobain's death will probably always be the one who hurt me the most but losing Bowie was the worst loss in modern times. :cry:
I couldn't agree more. Bowie had so much to give yet, he kept reinventing himself without repeating himself, even at his age. It was the worst loss for me too.


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Sep 16, 2003
The new Queensryche album is so damn good. Each new release with Todd La Torre seems to get better and better. I love me some good prog metal.



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Jan 16, 2013
wow, didn't even know that a solo record is about to be released. i'll listen right now if it's on tidal, thanks. (never got the notification for the mention though :shifty: )
Yeah it’s been out since last week iirc but I pre ordered the actual record from the UK so I didn’t receive til last weekend. I love Tidal’s master quality but if you’re into records I’d recommend you to get it instead of streaming. All the analog synths really come alive on vinyl. Best experience you can get out of this.

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He's a genius, everything he does is really amazing. He never lowers the bar.
I like The Eraser a lot but the other solo ones are a hit or miss imo. But this one is masterfully beautiful. The production is out of this world.

I’m well versed with analog synths because not only I own some, I also collect records so I have all that 70’s and 80’s synth driven stuff BUT man, this record has the most beautiful synth sounds I EVER heard. It’s like every single sound he picked was the best possible sound. The guy’s a genius indeed.
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