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May 26, 2009
Because it is our player and we are making them a favor? Because we can choose to loan him into a competing team? Because they are not Juventus and cannot have Juve material players, unless we loan them to them? Like real did with us with Morata and like Moggi was doing for decades making a profit from those loans.

C'mon, the training argument is overused, it's like lending your Cabrio to your cousin, who can only afford a bike, , so that he can use the car to fish women, but he doesn't owe you one, because if he didn't use your car, it's battery would run out and you couldn't start it when you needed it
so he does you a favor and if everything goes well, you need to pay him twice the cars value so you can take it back...

Or, you could even write it on his name, so that he pays the taxes and insurance, maybe you an amount , like half the price you gave to buy it and if you don't it, he gets to keep, but if you do, you must double the amount you have paid to buy it...
Fucking amazing analogy :rofl: ::lol3:: :touched:
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Feb 12, 2006
That doesn't even make sense. Berardi was never ours.

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Technically he was till we let sassuolo buy him outright still maintaining a first option clause which the player openly rejected our advances. I wouldn't be surprised to see the same occur in this instance too

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