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Dec 31, 2000
Referees prepare 'zero tolerance'
Posted by Alex | Football Italia

Referees in Serie A and B will be ordered to show no mercy against shirt-tugging and other minor fouls inside the box this season.

Up until now the men in black have been relatively lenient with the tussles that take place regularly in the penalty area, but the 2002-03 campaign will see a change in this attitude.

“Next season there will be zero tolerance for all fouls committed in the box,” explained refereeing designator Pierluigi Pairetto. “Any official who does not follow these guidelines will pay the consequences.”

The 2002 World Cup showed a crackdown on this kind of behaviour, notably with Christian Panucci and Fernando Hierro punished with a penalty for their tugs on opponents.

The other head of the refereeing commission, former whistle blower Paolo Bergamo, added his comment to these new suggestions.

“Where a player shows the clear intention of holding a shirt in order to damage his opponent, we will be unmerciful.”

The new rules will be drummed into referees during the pre-season training camp at Sportilia, starting on August 10.


Sounds good, just hope they will be consequent in their decisions..

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Jul 14, 2002
I agree with you,Nekton. Words,words,words..but no action. If they do keep their promises then that means more goals for DP!


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Jul 12, 2002
Yep i saw a program on how Collina trains and it was quite fascinating but every year it seems that referees and Fifa come up with ideas and they do implement them in the first few weeks but after that nothing happens

But if they are serious then Nesta is in deep you know what


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Jul 25, 2001
Just words if you ask me but it's a bad idea anway.

Italian players will get used to this approach which is doomed to give problems in European competitions. Other clubs from other countries play more rough already and it's causing problems!


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Jul 12, 2002
I don't see how you can do it anyway. Lets see, 4th minute of Juve-Piacenza in week 1. Corner kick for Juve, a defender is holding. Penatly kick. 2 minutes later, another penatly kick. 4 minutes after that, a Juve defender is holding and the score is 2-1 thanks to all these penatlies.

It just wouldn't work. If they called the game by the rules, everytime the ball was in the box there would be a penalty.

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