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May 29, 2005
Not that surprising. Clubs use players as plusvalenzas, players use clubs as stepping stones.

I guess it's difficult to guarantee anything more than 5th CB right now.
Chiellini has one foot in retirement. Bonucci isn't that far behind him.


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Jul 12, 2002

Imagine that. A youth player hesitant to sign a new contract binding him to a club that doesn't want to play its own youth players.
Smart kid... considering that he has offers form German teams ready to offer him first team place, its not insane what he is asking, he is not asking minutes, he is not asking a place in the starting 11, he is only asking for guarantee that once he signs the club will not loan him out and get lost in the "Juventus loan universe"

If we cant guarantee that, then let him go... he deserves better, he has show that he has talent and if we prefer to lose him and go to waste money in getting another central defender, its our mistake.

It will be really stupid let him go...

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