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Dec 18, 2002
i think that we and roma gat the same problem in the absence of

either alex or totti from both the teams.

who thought the lazio would survive in the cl in the absence of

veron, salas, nesta and nedved .

guys the point is,

if the whole team depends on couple a players with all respect to

our stars and the above mentioned .

then hell with following them. i think that the team should

1 depend on professional team work than emotional.

2 they shall contain more self confidence and that should be

given from the coach.

If yall dont agree with me then whats behind lazios splendid



Juventus FC - Philippines
Dec 20, 2002
I think juve right now are a bit dependent on these key players because all of them (Alex, Neddy, Davids, Thuram) are in great form right now. In their absence, juve ends up with a mediocre performance. This dependence is not directly caused by these key players but the gaps created from their absence. To be fair, Alex, Neddy, Davids & Thuram may admit that performing would be harder without the contribution of their teammates.

In other words, the relationship of their form is directly proportional. If Alex is absent, juve would lose attacking flare. Therefore, they would have a mdeiocre performance. If Neddy was absent, Alex would have a harder time recieving the ball. If Thuram was absent, alex and neddy would lack the license to move forward because they would have to help out in defense. The team performance is a collective one. Split it down and you get individual performances. Lippi has done a great job integrating these individual performances into one collective team perfromance. And it is this team performance that usually is the reason why we win championships. Though we cannot deny that there are games when we've won because of great performances from individual players.


Juventus FC - Philippines
Dec 20, 2002
Did you notice that there are games that we do not perfomr well even if del piero, nedved or thuram is on the pitch?

You want to know why?

In my opinion, Juve needs more depth and more playing options. Like the one in Brescia or Lazio. I'm not quite sure which game it was but it was one of the games that we lost in Serie A this season. Nedved and Del Piero were shut down because Juve's attacks became predictable. What happened to our attack on the other side (Camoranesi and Di Vaio). Our players may have talents and may strike fear in the opponents but once it becomes repeatetive, opponents will figure out a way to stop our players like Nedved, Camoranesi, and yess, even Del Piero.


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Jan 12, 2002
That's perfectly normal .. every team is based around certain players, and without them the team is never the same:

Juve - Del Piero, Davids, Nedved.

Roma - Totti, Samuel.

Lazio - C. Lopez, Stankovic.

Man Utd - V. Nistelrooy.

Arsenal - Henry.

Chelsea - Zola.

B. Munich - Ballack, Elber.

Dortmund - Rosicky.

PSG - Ronaldinho.

Lyon - Anderson, Govou, Juninho.

Real - Zidane, Raul, Carlos.

... and the list goes on.


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Aug 20, 2002
in my opinion that this is a normal situation and happens in many teams as dpforever was saying

but i think this juve has more options in the presence of devaio, camoranesi and the big improvement of nedved performance


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Jan 12, 2002
That's true .. Arsenal struggle without Viera .. he's the hub of the team .. but as I was writing the list in a hurry, I'm sure I missed a few names from each team ;) Arsenal also depend on Henry to score the crucial goals that gets them the points .. So both, Viera and Henry, are important to the Gunners :)


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Dec 23, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Erik ] ++

:thumb: Love that guy!

Thanks for typing it correctly btw! Don't see that often even at eurosport or cnn!

Its the same with the names of austrian players!


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Jan 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Erik ] ++
Thanks for typing it correctly btw! Don't see that often even at eurosport or cnn!
No problem :)

I watch him play for Man Utd. too often that I won't mispell his name :)


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Aug 14, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Ahmed ] ++
with out del juve will be nothing :broken:
You've got that right. He's our most important player. He's the captain, the inspiration, and without him the whole team plays badly. But the other player we depend the most on is Nedved. He is our playmaker and without him there's no one to push forward and pass the ball to the strikers.

Forza DP and Nedved!:)


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Jul 13, 2002
++ [ originally posted by primo_mp ] ++

arsenal - vieira, henry, pires
they spent the last 2 months without pires and won the double and the first 3 months of this season and still number 1 in the league.

i really adore pires but arsenal can't be that good without vieira only vieira he is like 6 players


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Jan 4, 2003
It will probably be tough for Juve if any of those 2 were missing, but it would be even worse if Buffon and say, Thuram were not playing

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