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Nov 9, 2005
EPL’s response has been utterly idiotic. Should have pushed for empty stadiums or game suspensions earlier.

Surely its going to happen now. Just give Liverpool the trophy and get it done with. If there’s any major league in Europe where the winner is guaranteed, its Liverpool.

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They only care about £££££


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May 26, 2009
Kinda crazy how much the Prem has regressed and Serie A has progressed this season. Last season there was no doubt that Prem was the best league in Europe, by a country mile. This season, apart from Liverpool, each and every top Prem side has dropped a level or two. While in Serie A almost every top side apart from Napoli have improved quite a bit.
Still peddling this “stronkkk Serie A!!1” nonsense :rofl:



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Sep 4, 2006
Sounds like EPL about to be cancelled and declared void. Props to them if that goes, declaring season void is the only legitimate measure, none of this playoffs for titles shit. Teams should not be relegated either.

Qualifying for Europe presents the biggest challenge. Might need to do a playoff for that one. Either way, someone is gonna feel cheated.


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Mar 16, 2004
I wonder if they want to play the next few rounds so that Pool can secure the title, then they will end the season.

If they void the season after what Liverpool just did... :howler:


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Mar 6, 2018
All leagues except EPL have been suspended so far. Aftet Arteta and Chelsea's Hudson-Odoi have been tested positive for Corona, they'll suspend EPL as well.


Mar 23, 2015
Following football as a neutral is the most meaningless thing ever :D
yeah, it takes away some of the fun, still, a lot of people just visit matches for the ambiance or follow sports for the sake of it. it's like me and handball. my brother has a season ticket with the biggest club in hungary ( - top of the european rankings currently), he invited me for some matches, it's fun live, i'd go whenever i have the chance, but i'd never call myself a fan. i'm not a fan of any other club than juve (i was a pete sampras fan back in the '90s, i dig a hungarian basketball club, other than that it's just some shallow sympathy), still follow some championships and sports. meaningless or not, it is what it is :boh:

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