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The Bozman
Oct 18, 2005
No Mikhail to do this so i will run this up. even if i do have a vested interest in it. many were nominated without links so wont be used. NO LINKS, NO VOTES

first up is Mikhail using old english to describe technological advances,
voted for by Jack
Tut, tut. "From whence doth thou download moving pictures."

TheBeast risks the wrath of the forum by claiming Del Piero is only human in a double nomination(counted together),
nominated by MDJ17
Hey ADIGATION.... stop thinkin Del Piero iz the best....
And everyone in these forums stop treating Del Peiro like he's a god or something......he's a damn player like any other player (no more but a bit less :tdown: )
HENRY.... i think you're wrong there. Henry is not just a player....he's a magician unlike Del Piero who just can't be compared to Henry.
Juventus and Italian fans (only) consider Del piero as a legend but the WHOLE WORLD considers Henry as a Legend so there is a Difference there.......anyways nice try

I'm only talking about ADIGATION alone...i'm talking about all juventus fans in general....PEACE

Juventus710(NABIL) (i told you ill do it :D )

JuveAdam settles an arguement by letting a silly thing called the truth get in the way, nominated by Bozi
Gaetano Scirea is one of the only five players in European football history –join to Antonio Cabrini, Sergio Brio, Stefano Tacconi and Danny Blind- to have won all national and international trophies for football clubs recognized by UEFA and FIFA . He played for the Italian national team for more than a decade during which he was almost irreplaceable as the leading defender, and became World Champion with the 1982 FIFA World Cup winning team.
Scirea was a graceful defender of great skill and tactical ability. In contrast to the ruthless tactics often employed by other defenders, Scirea was renowned for his class, fair play and sportsmanship. He was never sent off or suspended during his entire career, which is probably a football record for a defender of international level, and this says a lot about his temperament and the level of his skill.During the 80's Juve was full of stars. Although there were players such as Bettega, Zoff, Tardelli, Platini, Brady, Boniek, Gentile and Furino, just to mention a few of them, there was one above of everyone else. Gaetano Scirea. The club has done what is right and proper by dedicating to Scirea the end where their most fervent supporters gather. He was a clean fighter, capable of transmitting confidence and strength at the same time. On the evening of the Heysel Stadium tragedy in Brussels in May 1985, it was Scirea who spoke on the microphone to try to calm the thousands of people traumatised by what was happening.

In the 1990 World Cup, Italy also conceeded 2 goals, one against Argentina, one from Englands David Platt. Does this mean that in Alexander's reasoning that Zenga-Baresi-Bergomi-Ferri-Maldini is as good as Buffon-Canna-Nesta-Zambro-Grosso?

This blatant disregard for the history of our game is actually frightening. For someone who has never even watched 82 WC highlights to say Canna & Nesta are the worlds best ever defenders is crazy. Yes they are the best of the last ten years, & alongside Maldini & Baresi probably the last 20. The absolute class of Scirea is the yardstick by which ALL Italian defenders are judged. He is without doubt the greatest ever, our Curva is not named in his honour lightly. Might I suggest Alexander looks at the list of legends who've worn our shirt, then thinks that above all these, the curva is named for our Scirea. This alone tells you all you need to know.

Philip II reveals Gigi reconsiders an Inter transfer thanks to ahmedios intervention,
nominated by Dominic
Don't worry about it. I'm reading your posts all the time guys. I hear what you say and i decided to stay with Juve till the end of my carierre.
Thanx for the kind words Ahmedios. I was thinking of going to Inter but i can't do it after reading your kind post,


Arif reveals mike tysons next opponent,
nominated by Stephan
And Navarro to get Mike Tyson.

Bozi replies to Burkes comment and does not paint a pretty picture,
nominated by rsca fan
I just came all over my own face.
"hello emergency services can i help?"
"somebody help me, my buddy just shot himself in the face"
"calm down is he badly hurt?do you need an ambulance?"
"no he seems fine, but there is a bloody mess everywhere"
"is he bleeding?"
"what kind of gun did he shoot himself with?"
"it was a 7-inch,pump-action burkenheimer"
"a sorry,what?i dont think i have ever heard of that"
"he was giving the barrel a good cleaning when it just went off,oh god my mom is gonna kill me there is a mess everywhere"
"does he need the assistance of an ambulance?"
"nah he just needs a kleenex and a change of shirt"
"i am sorry, what exactly can i do for you?"
"you could let me lay my fat belly on you and my mom"
"hello?hello......bitch hung up"

Juventuz 710 shows that sarcasm is eth lowest form of humour,
nominated by Vidoq
Bozi revealing Michael Cutajar deepest secrets,
nominated by Bisco
you insesnitive bastard, my mom is dead and my wife is a lesbian, bisco isnt gay, he is my manwhore. you see i have a stable of man-whored groomed and ready to go,you should know you have it on speed dial:heart:

as for bisco and nabil feeling me up?:shifty: em....em....evry holes a goal man

i dont need to tell you that, your dad battered it into you with all his late night visits to your bedroom

Nick laying his love for Lillianna on the line,
nominated by Rab
This Song is for Lilianna the Godess of Greece, Tzatziki and things from the wonderful land of Paris Latsis

Before I start, I should mention I have no previous song writing or vocal experience..I was driven only by my desire and lust for this little Koukla

Lilly my darling, you are my sunshine;
When we're together I feel fine.
Your smile is so lovely; your hair is so clean;
You make me feel that the whole world is mine.
Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly,
Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, L-I-L-L-Y ...
Why? Because you're

Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly,
(pause) Kelly, Lilly Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly,
Lilly of mine!

Antonio1 defending Deschamps in the face of a wave of criticism,
nominated by JuveAdam
I feel DD is taking to much criticism here. At the end of the day we are in an awkward position, fans, players and manager. These teams are horrible to play against and every victory is a scrappy one, but nevertheless 3 points. We had a nine point deficit and now we are top of the league, with del piero on a good season and playing as a better team than capello had us play. Ok so we are having our struggles, but guys cumon, this was always gonna happen. I think top of the league is little to complain about and our fans are putting unnecessary pressure on the manager. He is a good juventino, and has served the club well, so lets keep the hopes high and cheer them on, and the give the coach full support. Not many other managers would have accepted B and we should be thankful for DD, he has taken on this challenge and if you'd said to any of us when we were relegated in the summer, 'if by march you are top of the league' we would have been pleased. So until our league position changes, lets support the coach and the players as best we can to help do our bit to make Juve great again.


Senior Member
Nov 11, 2006
I went for Mikhail's post because I like the old English. Also for PhilipII's one because it was hilarious. :cool2:

mikhail said:
Thanks Bozi, I've been sick again - going to the doctor tomorrow, so I'm not on much.

Links fixed. :tongue:
I wish you speedy recovery, mate. :smile:

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