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Jul 15, 2002
I copy/paste this from one web site:

With Konami's decision to take well known console games to the PC there is a strong possibility that Pro Evolution Soccer may be ported over.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance and Shadow of Memories are already confirmed, so Konami's PC push seems to be a serious one.

Also, Konami Of Europe had this to say: "We are determined that our initial PC titles match the exceeding high quality of our console titles. To this end, we aim to launch in 2003 with the strongest selection of PC titles available to us."

And if they aim to release their strongest PC lineup then surely PES has to be one of those?

Will PES lose its gameplay in a PC port? Will it recieve online play before a PS2 version does?

We'll have to wait and see - 2003 is when the Konami games are to be rolled out onto the PC.

Hope this is true

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Jul 17, 2002
doesn't long as there is a PES on anything!!
the more consols, the better!!

i hope it knocks Fifa off the charts and it takes over on the PC with customization, online play, updates, and all.

i hear Pro Evolution Soccer will be released in the USA in March 2003. but it will be called it's origional name "Winning Eleven 6," as it's named in Japan.

BTW, it will be released on the PS2 AND the Game Cube! :thumb:
hope the PC too. :D

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