[Peace Cup] Sevilla 1-2 JUVENTUS, July 24th 2009 (1 Viewer)


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May 29, 2005
:lol: camo got hurt again? I'm reading on my phone at work, not watching the game. Who scored for us first half? Sounds like the earful ciro game amauri for the red worked well. Any news on our big hitters coming on second half?

I'm telling you, zebina is going to do big things this year. Been saying that for about a month now. Forza zebina!!!!


May 27, 2007
Camo is always good at friendlies
Wait, you wanna say he's bad in Serie A?

i guess this discussion should really be taking place on the official amauri thread

nevertheless, read my comments again...i did'nt say he was bad, i said he is a decent player

i also said i expect a bit more from him being brazilian

that in a nutshell was my argument

the prosecution rests
I know but I see Legro and some other players decent, so I can't place Amauri in that group...no way.

Tipical striker in Brazil that used to do that was Ronaldo. Ronaldinho and Robinho mostly played behind.

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