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Feb 28, 2014

According to the Corriere della Sera newspaper, it was Nedved along with sporting director Fabio Paratici who pushed for the club to part ways with their Coach.

Agnelli apparently wanted to continue working with the five-time Scudetto winner, but was forced into choosing between him and his vice chairman.

The Former Czech Republic midfielder reportedly felt that Allegri’s demands to revolutionise the squad were excessive and unnecessary, and evidently, that lack of support from the boardroom hastened the Coach’s departure.

Their differences became evident in a series of comments that Nedved made to the media, as after Allegri insisted the team needed a massive overhaul, the vice-president noted “this squad is very difficult to improve on the transfer market.”

Just a reminder that Allegri wanted a massive rebuild of the squad but Nedved was: "Nah, we top top, fam."


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Jul 30, 2015
Pavel, I love you and all but pick up the phone, call Max and make him come back. AA and Beppe built this team, you and Fabio inherited it and it looks like these shoes are too big for you.


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Jan 26, 2009
Yes. So what? Do we have to wait until shit really hits the fan? Sometimes, you need change. Those two imbeciles were responsible for pushing Max out, bringing in Sarri, and not reinforcing the midfield.

And we won those 8 titles in spite of their pathetic existence, not because of it.

Are you defending the same Tootsie who brought in crocked stop gap solutions in midfield instead of real quality, the Tootsie and Cyst that wanted to get rid of Dybala to bring in a lumbering oaf in his place? Maybe you're the one who needs help.


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Feb 28, 2014
He should leave. This job is beyond his capabilities, whatever those may be. He was great on the pitch, but he's an annoying little turd off it.
I would never insult Nedved like you, because he has given me tons of good memories and his dedication as a player to the team was admirable. But I have to agree that building an elite squad is beyond his capabilities and he (+Paratici) should leave before we have even more dead wood with high wages in the squad.

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