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Mar 3, 2004
Pavel Nedved won’t be displaying his skills at Stamford Bridge next season after he committed himself to Juventus.

The Czech international’s future has been the subject of speculation recently that had suggested a summer move to Chelsea may occur.

Whispers claimed that the Italian champions were set to sacrifice the European Footballer of the Year if a substantial bid was tabled.

Yet the 31-year-old has insisted that he will keep on playing football in Turin until his contract expires in 2006.

"I have embraced the Juventus mentality and this club is in my bones," he said. "I wouldn’t change teams even if I was forced to.

"I won’t be leaving Juventus and I firmly believe that the club have no intention of selling me either."

Nedved is keen to keep winning with the Old Lady and is also adamant that he is physically up to the job.

"I’m in good shape and I don’t really understand why people are so concerned about my fitness," he said.

"Playing football gives me a great feeling of joy. If I had my way I would have a ball with me all day long."


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