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May 3, 2012
Or perhaps Paratici believes in him
Perhaps. But a good sporting director should not get attached to any player emotionally. So either he has to change massively, or play as CF. Otherwise staying is bad for all parties involved.

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May 11, 2004
Why we don't think that this approach is due to less flair midfield we have?? look at Can for example :lol2: ...he can't give a good pass and you want us to play possession football !! ... look at matuidi ....the coward chicken :panic:... he is afraid to give a pass and if he will...always wrong ...look Pjanic ...the ultimate coward in my eyes ...he has no guts to shoot pass send pass over defense ...between the defenders ...always he play safe ...and slow down our counter attack ....

of course am on Pjanic more as his salary bigger and the one supposed to create ...the rest are just DMF ....and don't let me talk about Bentacour :rofl: .... I don't know what he is doing on our team .....

Thank God we won this Scudetto with load of shit players without mentioning MDS , Rugani, Banocci & array of inconsistencies like Costa, Berna, Dybala & Alex ...
and array of clinic bond like the stupid Khedira , Cudrado ...etc

Allegri really great coach ...give him the tools and see what he can do ...
I look back and read my posts over and over again but I cannot find any single time where I said we should play possession football.

Mr Chocolate

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Dec 23, 2012
People are reading into what was said wayyy too much
Whats he going to say???? "We are going to get rid of him soon, just waiting for buyers"
IMO we view him as disposable, if we get a good offer he is gone, if not then we arnt gonna accept a low ball offer for him and he stays, what would he gain by saying we want to get rid of him?, whether he stays or goes this season depends on if we get a good offer for him or not, i dont think he is unsellable anymore but we arnt giving him away. U just gotta think fellas, its not that difficult

il brutto

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Jun 6, 2015
Paratici said Dybala stays so that means either one of these:
1. He is lying
2. The new manager would like to have Dybala at his disposal
I'll choose the 3rd option.
3. Fabio wants to keep Paulo because he likes Paulo's cool arm tattoos. Paulo's leg tattoos however irritate Allegri who prefers non-tattooed guys like Ronaldo. Allegri is ready to forgive Paulo if Paulo agrees to a neck tattoo of Max's choice.


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Jan 26, 2009
I want this guy sold in the summer, just gtfo annoying choker, but no club is stupid enough to pay 100mill for this guy unfortunately..
Hey, if this forum can tolerate the likes of you, I'm sure there's a club out there willing to pay 100 million for an extremely talented player.

Choker? :howler:

We were also stupid enough to pay 90 million for Higuain and bring back Bonucci, so you never know :baus: :tup: