How many goals and assists this year - 2018/19

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Jul 31, 2014
Haha wow. It's amazing how a garbage tabloid paper in England has such deep knowledge of inner workings of clubs in other countries. I'm sure Dybala's childhood dream has always been to take over Wayne Rooney's throne at old Trafford.


Mar 6, 2007
Actually he is a little bit like Fowler in the way he finishes, but not as deadly. Fowler had little else to his game but could finish. Dybala's obviously nothing like Tevez.

Cagnazzo is one of these tv personalities who say they have links close to football figures, in this case he says Juve. I wouldn't be surprised if United enquired about Dybala, doesn't mean for a second that he is going there. United probably make enquiries for every expensive or promising player around, they've already shown what their transfer policy consists of; random bullshit with zero planning.


Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002

Good goal but defenitely very disssapointing performance, despite how little support there was, lacking in open play.

Enough to make me consider if we shouldnt start with Morata and Mandzu together 2nd leg.


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Jul 13, 2013
Looked out of his depth for the whole game bar the goal tbh. Thought that the pressure was getting to him a bit as well, it is his first European campaign after all.

Still, that goal was mad, mad important, and really well taken, so everything is more than forgiven.


The Maestro is back!
Jan 16, 2013
Super cool and classy finish. Didn't like the rest of his performance. Touch was bad, worse than his average. TBH to me he looks a little burned out.
I had a feeling he wouldn't be putting the world on fire regarding the CL on his first season here. I don't think he's ready to carry the team on Europe yet but it's okay, he'll grow.

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