How many goals and assists this year - 2018/19

  • 0-5 GOALS

  • 6-10 GOALS

  • 11-15 GOALS

  • 15+ GOALS

  • 0-5 ASSISTS

  • 6-10 ASSISTS

  • 11-15 ASSISTS

  • 15+ ASSISTS

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May 6, 2012
Paulo Dybala’s brother sent a caustic message to Juventus Coach Maurizio Sarri. “The violin can’t play beautiful music if it’s missing a string.”

fucking unbelievable how Max and now Sarri prefer Berna instead. Please someone wake me up from this shit.

Post Ironic

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Feb 9, 2013
Why do you like dybala
Lingering from his first three years here. I really liked how hard he worked and motivated he seemed to succeed for that period. And watching him on the pitch was a pleasure. Especially back when he was both scoring and assisting, some brilliant moments.

It’s become less and less the last two years. His piss-poor attitude, sulking, and lack of ability to develop the non-poaching side of his game into something passable,

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It is hard to like what he was the last 18-20 months.

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