How many goals and assists this year - 2018/19

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  • 6-10 GOALS

  • 11-15 GOALS

  • 15+ GOALS

  • 0-5 ASSISTS

  • 6-10 ASSISTS

  • 11-15 ASSISTS

  • 15+ ASSISTS

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Hardcore Juventino
Jul 14, 2006
Vucinic? isnt he your slavic brother?
Fuck him. Thank God he's gone. Same goes for Icardi. Huge relief that we are not signing him. Swapping Dybala for that cunt would be moronic.

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how many goals will opur dybala score this season?
Mertens under Sarri as a false nine scored nearly 30 goals in a 4-3-3 system. Let's hope for a great season for Dybz. He's better than Mertens.

Sad Statue

wannabe Bart Simpson
Mar 28, 2006
Not sure what's going on right here really. I was so optimistic for Dybala when we announced Sarri. He likes lightweight 9s. And has openly talked about how much he likes technical players, referring explicitly to Dybala among others.

So it's either that we're in deep financial issues and we have to sell or that the board has seen something terribly wrong in the behaviour of Dybala.

I really hope he stays and we give him an opportunity with Sarri on the helm. The guy has shown how much he wants to stay like few players have before.

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