How many goals and assists this year - 2018/19

  • 0-5 GOALS

  • 6-10 GOALS

  • 11-15 GOALS

  • 15+ GOALS

  • 0-5 ASSISTS

  • 6-10 ASSISTS

  • 11-15 ASSISTS

  • 15+ ASSISTS

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Capo di tutti capi
Jan 5, 2006
Seriously how do these reporters know that Paratici is pushing him to leave? Do they tap his phone?

I got a feeling that we got an offer from MU which we liked and presented it to Dybala, now he is considering it.


Senior Member
Aug 27, 2010
Wasn't convinced by Lukaku at all, but at least he is pure CF. Can't see playing Dybala at CF at all, hopefully I'm wrong, else whose gonna play there?


Piemonte Calcio
Sep 4, 2006
For all the criticism of Dybala's previous season, other then that he has always turned up with good numbers even scoring goals from midfield and out wide. FFS give him a chance as false 9 dude is one of the most wicked finishers in the world and he deserves a chance to play as a FW

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