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Beppe Marotta Is My God
May 26, 2009
The only thing he's gonna be motivated for is lowering his price :baus:

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Yep, seems like they are forcing him to stays which means he is much less likely to sign a contract extension, thus making them having to sell him next season a priority.

Real Madrid will be his preferred destination of course, but I still hope we make an effort to get him.


Moggi on crack
Apr 29, 2006
I think dabby will go to Real.
If dabby knows whats good for him he will stay away from RM this year. If they don't win the intergalactic supercup next year by at least 3-0, the Zizou magic will wane faster than a fart in the wind. If Poggy didn't like the MU crowd chants, he'd certainly 'love' the patient and ever loving madritista glory-hunters. Next year if things go in a positive direction for RM and a new cycle is on the rise its another matter.

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