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Apr 14, 2013
Funny you’d mention him. He scored 4 goals in one game against Real Madrid under Klopp. Since he moved to Bayern he hasn’t been able to deliver in big CL games.
except when he scored vs us ofcourse :baus:

whats funny is how you single out one player, pick one fluke game of said player, and act like that was the norm. in reality, Bayern Lewa >>> Dortmund Lewa


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Sep 1, 2017

Jordan Henderson is better than Paul Pogba



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Dec 31, 2002
Jordan Henderson is better than Paul Pogba

Sturaro is better than Eriksen.. discuss :rolleyes2:

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Morata crushed in Serie a? 63 games, 15 goals.... lmao what a tool

Salah was nowhere as good in Italy.
That’s because he is now playing under the best manager in the world.

A manager who improves his attacking players through coaching. Salah, Firmino, Mane, Coutinho, Reus and Gotze all played their best football under Klopp.
Klopp`s system fits Salah like a glove
Feb 21, 2015
The tools on here were saying he is already better than Higuain. Same for Cuadrado who also flopped in the EPL.
Tools indeed @zizinho @Post Ironic ;)

He flopped under Mourinho. How often did Chelsea loan out Salah again before finally offloading him to Roma? Does that make him a bad player? One went back to Engerland, the other one signed for Juve, the more competetive team out of the two, so he can probably live with how his career has panned out.
May 23, 2011
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The tools on here were saying he is already better than Higuain. Same for Cuadrado who also flopped in the EPL.
Overall Higuain was better player, he is far more consistent but his record in CL knock out rounds is subpar, something like 5-6 goals iirc and when you look at the total number of goals he has scored, it's quite telling what his issue is and that he wasnt what we had needed. On the other hand Morata was clutch and would showcase his talent in bigger CL games. He scored more CL knock out goals and in general performed well above Higuain in those type of games. While he didnt smash Serie A and regularly struggled to find the net, he was our main asset for CL. So in that respect Morata > Higuain.


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Feb 21, 2017
Pogba: "Real Madrid is a dream club for everyone and there is Zidane who is the coach, it's a dream for any football player, but I'm happy in Manchester. I play there now but we’ll see what will happen in the future.”
Pogba is so going to Real this summer.
He is not returning here. At least not in his prime.

He will maybe come back when his real contract expires at 33 yrs old or sumthing
We should have replaced Allegri with Zizou. Now he‘s going to Real. :sad:

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