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Dec 31, 2000
Ref recommends video replays
Saturday 22 January, 2005
Referee Gianluca Paparesta has broken ranks and admitted he’d recommend the use of video replays during a match to help him make decisions.

“I would certainly welcome this technology if it can help you correct an error,” he told the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’. “It would not only be useful to check if the ball has crossed the line, but also for handling offences and offside doubts.”

The Italian press has been leading a campaign for several years to get video replays introduced into match situations, but until now the Referees’ Association (AIA) has kept its distance.

Paparesta’s interview is therefore set to shake up the argument, especially as he is an international and the son of one of Italy’s most consistent referees.

“My father helped me reach the highest levels quickly because I watched him work and learned the art of refereeing from an early age. I can honestly say it is a lifetime’s work.”

FIGC chief Franco Carraro has submitted a proposal to FIFA allowing video evidence to be used during the game and it is being considered.

“If a referee misses an incident that happens in a split second, or there is a doubt over the offside position, a video monitor can tell you the truth of it within seconds,” assured Paparesta.

“I always watch the television programmes after I’ve finished a match. Whereas before I was convinced I had done my job well, now I’m never sure until I’ve seen it all on the screen in slow motion. It’s almost like a different game.”


That's a good idea cause this guy makes a lot of mistakes :D

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Oct 27, 2004
I want Videosupport too! referees should use some kinda of radio-communication device to talk with a couple of ppl in a room who watch replays if he is not sure if it was offside or not when the ball went in or if it was or wasnt a penalty etc.!!!!!

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