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Aug 29, 2010
Belgian football is one big fraud.

I dont think in the first division the teams activily do it, altho they openly attack referee's in the media when its not one that suits the teams playstyle (technically, thats not much different from calciopoli).

However, as is in many countries, player agents are into all kind of shady practices. Didnt knew it extended this far and not even surprised. Because the money laundering going on in football is absolutely ridiculous and historically accepted.

In Belgium. WHere shitty the peasant fuck kicks a ball, you have the first 3 divisions who are somewhat regulated and players there are considered to be professional players (more or less)

But 4th division and 1st provincional and downwards are mainly run on illegal money. You sit on the bench a bit and perhaps play and earn an easy 125 euro's each week if you win. Payed out in cash, nothing legal.

Meanwhile, our goverment is putting shittons of money in football cause dovie cutiepie football cannot support itself. LoL.

We are world class in doping testing tho. Oh, except in football cause its dovie cutiepie.


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Jul 26, 2007
Wish him all the best, but let's don't forget that the opposite team was from non-professional players hoping to win themselves a pro contract.
Yeah, I don't think 32yo Bolt is going to be a great football player or something, posted it more because I was struck by how happy he looks playing football, nice to see


Jun 17, 2011
Soccer star found dead ‘almost beheaded with his genitals severed’

A soccer star was found dead in a bush “almost beheaded and with his genitals severed,” according to reports.
Sao Paulo star Daniel Correa Freitas, 24, was discovered in Sao Jose dos Pinhais, a city in Brazil’s southern state of Parana, on Saturday night.
A tweet from his Serie A club — the top division in Brazil — posted in the early hours of Sunday confirmed the worst. It read: “The Sao Paulo football club deeply regrets the death of midfielder Daniel Correa Freitas. The club sympathizes and pays condolences to the athlete’s family.”
The official cause of death has not been confirmed. But a detailed report in local newspaper Band B claimed Freitas was the victim of “torture.”
Quoting a municipal guard, the report stated: “From the appearance of the body, it was a very violent situation. The man had two deep cuts on his neck, his head was nearly beheaded, and his genitals were severed.”
It was claimed that people walking through the area discovered the body.
The report went on to say: “This road [where the body was found] is a bit deserted and already known for the dumping of corpses. Everything indicates the man was executed here on the street and dragged for about 100 feet.”
Known as Daniel, the attacking midfielder started his career with Botafogo before moving to Sao Paulo in 2015.
Sao Paulo is one of the biggest and most popular soccer teams in Brazil.
Correa Freitas spent the last two years away from the club on loan, first with second-division side Coritiba, before moving to Ponte Preta and then fellow second-tier side Sao Bento — the club he was playing for at the time of his death.
Botafogo was among the clubs to offer their condolences.
A tweet read: “Note of regret: Botafogo regrets the demise of former player Daniel Correa Freitas and expresses solidarity with friends and family.”

Sounds like a horrible way to die


Jun 17, 2011
Atlanta United vs Portland Timbers for the MLS cup final. Last two matches between the two ended in a 1-1 draws, but I think Atlanta takes it relatively easy.


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Apr 14, 2013
damn, Rangers even with Celtic top of table (Celtic with a game less tho). Kilmarnock and Aberdeen pretty close too. when was the last time SPL was this close at the top?
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