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Aug 7, 2003
8/13/2004 3:27:00 PM

It is now official, Michael Owen is a Real Madrid player as Liverpool confirmed the transfer of the striker to the court of Camacho.

The Reds announced the news on their official website, stating that Owen did not sign a new contract and has chosen Real Madrid as his destination.

Even though no financial details have been revealed as of yet, the deal should be around 12 million Euros plus Antonio Nunez.

Despite losing the 2001 Golden Ball winner, Rafa Benitez still believes he has a team with a lot of potential as the new Liverpool coach stated: "The cotnract is not done yet. Michael will have to pass the medical tests in Madrid and the same goes for Nunez. Everything should be over soon. We still have good attackers and a good team."

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Jul 12, 2002
This only doesn't make any sense from a pure football point of view, financially I don't see the point. The markets where Owen is a star I would think Beckham already covers. Perez's worst galactico buy yet.


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Jul 15, 2003
#7 used to be soccerage, the same guys who created the article "Official: Vieri to Juve", which, as we all know, was untrue.


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Jun 9, 2003
Owen has become an average player. His main advantage, his pace, has been taken away from him. After his numerous muscle injuries, the doctors told him he has to slow down and be less explosive, and that has crippeled his game.

No Real has Ronaldo, Morientes, Raul and Owen. Great.


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Nov 10, 2003
.....what the FUKK!:wth:......what are Real trying to do? instead of buying some good defender....they buy somemore striker:wallbang:.....I'm not suprise if they play 2-3-5:lazy:


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Jul 15, 2003
They plan on playing the opposite of catenaccio. Score as many ****ing goals as possible, so they can't lose. I like that philosophy much better.


Sep 23, 2003
Do they get newspapers out there in Spain? I swear, Camacho must be reading headlines from Euro 2000 with a decision like that.


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by swag ] ++
Do they get newspapers out there in Spain? I swear, Camacho must be reading headlines from Euro 2000 with a decision like that.
Hey I heard Owen put 3 past Germany the other day :eek:



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Nov 1, 2003
++ [ originally posted by River ] ++
I think Owen will be fantastic is spain. Wait and see.
IF he gets the chance to play. the saddest thing is, Morientes is probably the one who wud never get a chance to play :down:


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Jul 23, 2002
Owen is still a class striker. Like DP(but better goalscorer) suffers in dip in form, but he was playing for Liverpool. I wish him well. Easy out Owen son.

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