now i no how inter gets their scudetto (1 Viewer)


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Apr 30, 2006
why would anyone want a scudetto that they didnt even earn...

Moratti: Give Inter Milan Scudetto - we're not dirty! - July 16, 2006

Inter Milan patron Massimo Moratti is adamant they deserve to be awarded last season's Scudetto.

He declared: "The Scudetto is ours, because it is necessary to distinguish between those who worked to the correct system and those who, instead, have always behaved in the wrong fashion: between those who cheated and those who are honest.

"It would be the wrong message not to assign the Scudetto to Inter. An ugly episode that not only marks the sport in Italy, but in all the world.

"Not to give us the Scudetto suggests everyone was dirty. We are not, we have never been part of this dirty system.

any thoughts?


Sep 23, 2003
For any Lega Calcio club to come out and say their not dirty right now is like throwing the first stone because Jesus said so. :rolleyes2


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Nov 28, 2005
laugh if they get it and have a parade in the streets... come on i bet they were just as corrupt as AC milan anyway


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Dec 26, 2005
It just shows you how pathetic inter are, i would actually feel bad for inter fans and all there years of winning nothing but there just as clueless as their club they support.

i'm really going to enjoy the excuse's they come up with next year on why they didn't win the scudetto.


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Apr 30, 2006
Byrone said:

@Morra10 pls dont quote tribalfootball, thats like quoting the Inter website.Bunch of losers!
reuters a better source??

Inter stakes title claim after scandal buffets Juventus

ROME, (Reuters) - Inter Milan should be awarded last season's Serie A title if Juventus and AC Milan are found guilty of sporting fraud, according to Inter owner Massimo Moratti.

'If Juventus and Milan are hit by a punitive sentence, it seems to me normal that first place should be reassigned to Inter,' Moratti was quoted as saying in La Gazzetta dello Sport on Sunday.

'In the past, when a club was punished for illegal behaviour, the team that finished just behind them was awarded their place in the standings.'

Champions Juventus, Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio - among the elite of Italian football - were charged with sporting fraud last week after an Italian Football Federation (FIGC) investigation into alleged match-fixing in Serie A.

All four clubs - as well as 26 individuals facing charges - have been ordered to appear at a sports tribunal in Rome's Olympic Stadium, starting on June 29.

Clubs found guilty face point deductions, relegation and being stripped of their titles.

Inter, who last won the Serie A title in 1989, finished third behind Juventus and city rivals AC last season.

Turin giants Juventus are at the centre of the scandal after the publication last month of intercepted telephone conversations between its former general manager Luciano Moggi and senior Italian Football Federation (FIGC) officials discussing refereeing appointments during the 2004-05 season.

Earlier this week Milan president Silvio Berlusconi, the former prime minister, said his club was innocent of all wrongdoing and laid claim to Juventus's last two Serie A titles.

The tribunal is expected to deliver its verdicts between June 7 and 9, the date of the World Cup final. Italy play Australia in the World Cup second round on Monday.

Any club or individual who is convicted can ask for an appeals trial which the FIGC has promised will end by July 27, in time for the FIGC to tell UEFA which teams will compete in next season's Champions League and UEFA Cup competitions.

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