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il brutto

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Jun 6, 2015
It's not really a ranking of top 20 transfers. They've simply listed the most expensive transfers made during the window.

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Who the fuck is Victor Osimhen? The going rate for african pace merchants is mental these days. Or maybe money laundering who knows
Not a pace merchant. He's a target man. Somewhat similar to the guy head-butting Lewa in your ava.


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Apr 25, 2013
Wes and Partey are not really similar players though. He was paid peanuts at Atletico by the way, probably the main reason he wanted to leave.
True, one is much better than the other.
That too, but I feel people don't really know what kind of player Partey is. His main strengths are his passing and dribbling. He's not some midfield enforcer whose sole responsibility is to be a ball-winner.
Yep. He's a jack of all trades kinda player. Would have loved him here as 8.
No one:
Dai and brutto: Partey is better player than Wes

No one:
Dai and brutto: Partey not solely ball winner. He can dribble and pass.

Others: who's better signing considering $, terms, no player swap, age, limited/no funds other necessities, etc
Dai and brutto understanding: "who iZ better playr"

Just another day of #TuzExperdSplaining

Today I also learned McKennie can solely win balls, has the touch of Matuidi, and can't #8...even though mobility is his biggest strength and B2B his best role. #TodayILearnedonTuz


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Mar 6, 2018
Is it offficial? Sad, was lowkey hopping he would stay under the radar and Juve pick him up, I like him and Thuram whenever I seen them.

I guess he will be Fernandinho replacement.
No but City are apparently preparing a €40M bid for the summer.

Yes, probably. Fernandinho appears to be past it.


Apr 12, 2009
So that'll mean that Valencia have sold Rodrigo, Torres, Parejo, Coquelin and now Kondogbia. Probably 4 of the most talented players in their squad.

Wouldn't be surprised if they become even more irrelevant and will play in the Segunda in the coming years.

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