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Dec 16, 2003
Moggi is going Nuts....

01/29/2004. Luciano Moggi, in these past days, has been trying to convince Lazio to sell Stam and Stankovic to Juventus, even though the biancocelesti players seem destined towards Inter.

Juve's general director is ready to offer Miccoli, Jimenez and Maresca for the two Lazio players and this might entice Mancini into accepting this offer.

With two days left before the closure of the January transfer market, all eyes are now on Inter to see what their next move will be.

this is what i read in soccerage !

1st.. and Mareca are Juve's Future..No WAY Moggi !
2nd..I don't think we Need a player Like Stankovic !
3rd..Screw Moggi if he will do it !

Plus : we already Give Up Davids and it shows how weakless we are without him, So Pleas Keep these 2 young talented Players !

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Jan 31, 2003
Moggi must be misquoted IMO. I mean, how can juve lose so many players at one time?

Miccoli and maresca are our future, and i dont know much about jimenez. I'd rather off Tacchinardi before Maresca and if anything, the likes of Di Vaio should be offered before Miccoli.

We lossed Davids already, but his age doesnt effect us too much. We lossed Brighi a long time ago due to Moggi being silly and ignorant towards our younger stars and now miccoli and maresca???? no way!!

i believe that Stankovic would be a good player to get as nedved is getting old and stankovic is versitile....i'd rather see Stankovic playing next to tacchinardi and maresca than Camoranesi.

players who should be on a list of offerings are:

1. iuliano
2. montero
3. fresi
5. olivera- loan
6. zalayeta

to get stars we should offer a di vaio for example...not our young stars.


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Dec 19, 2003
Moggi is not that dumb guys. At least I hope so. Miccoli will make a difference with Juve. We all know that Maresca and Lippi are not the best of friends but come on, the deal doesn't make sense.They can't play the CL. Stam is getting old and wants to leave in 2005. Stankovic (or his agent )screwed Moggi and he'll never forget that. Miccoli and Maresca are the future of Juve. I'd accept loaning Maresca + give up $$$ for the two considering that Lippi is not a fan of Enzino.
Aug 1, 2003
the deal is simply idiotic, and Moggi can't be an idiot, I mean, he's the director of Juve. Juve directors aren't stupid. As stupid as Sensi is he still brought Chivu, so directors aren't entirely stupid.

But then again, davids to barca was stupid, so was buying fresi, and the zanetti deal IMO was stupid ... hmmm

but back to the main issue, that deal is simply ludicrous. I would never let off maresca and miccoli, especially not now. And stankovic to Juventus? No thanks. Stam? he's good but old plus he's cup tied and that'd be fairly useless in CL


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Nov 16, 2003
Lets be rational and logical..

Maresca I understand but MICCOLI?? You truly believe a player like MICCOLI could lead a team like Juventus or step into the shoes of a Nedved, Del Piero or Zidane (Don't start telling me they are not the same position that is NOT what I mean). The biggest joke was a team like Juve buying a player like Miccoli who shines in the confines of mediocre teams. Maybe I am wrong but I don't see Miccoli as a player that can offer Juve what the above have...not class, not leadership and certainly not glory. They can still get something for Miccoli ... it would actually be a good time to ship him off.


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Dec 19, 2003
++ [ originally posted by IncuboRossonero ] ++

Actually if anything at all an outsider can be much more than a Juve probably have high hopes for Miccoli and refuse to realize that they CAN and SHOULD do without him.
I's sell Di Vaio and Zalayeta before him. Come on, the guy as very great potential. He's young, fast and as a great shot. You want us to make the same mistake we made with Henry? I see him as DP's replacement in a couple of years. Lippi needs to play him more and we'll see his true potential.


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Nov 16, 2003
i understand what ur saying incubo, but i think juve needs a player like him, hes fast and shoots well, hes explosive unlike del piero, i believe he coordinates with nedved better than dp.

not offending del piero, but till now, he didnt prove this season that he can give what hes supposed to, so, miccoli can replace him well and he did actually..

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