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Sep 24, 2002
Coming to Turin for the Juve - NUFC match. There will be over 5,000 Newcastle fans. First, will there be any problems with the Juve fans and the police? Where can the Newcastle fans go for a few drinks before and after the match?

Good luck against Kiev

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Aug 20, 2002
I hope we get at least 30000 fans turn up to support us on against newcastle.

I remeber against arse-nal when we caned them 2-0 we only had about 6000 fans watching we need some people to make the home advantage.


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Jul 23, 2002
Generally there should be any problems
but there are small fractions that like to fight

So do not be too provocative

but since we all are black and white I think we will all Get along fine.....

Alotugh Watch out for the Granatas they are a lousy bunch.....

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