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Dec 31, 2000
We are happy to launch our new Prediction Game! The game itself is not new as such, but we present a new system to keep track of bets and updates online instead of posting predicitons and results on the forum as before.

None of this would be possible without the kind assistance of Zizou as well as Mark from Our long term prediction game managers dpforever and nina dd a lot of work in calculating scores last season and hopefully this will make the process more convenient for them!

Since this year's game has already started, all predictions and scores for Week 1 have been entered into the game for all participants of the first round. These users will find their accounts ready, with temporary password test (make sure you change your password from "My Profile" as soon as you log in the first time!).

Any users who did not take part in Week 1 will have to register to play the game. We ask you to use the corresponding forum username in the prediction game, so that the participants are identifiable in the forum.

>> Prediction Game

Good luck!

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