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Apr 9, 2015
Football shirts and tracksuits are really hot by rappers from The Netherlands.
It's by there culture and I see tracksuits aswell by Grime (UK rap). Maybe it's a trick to get more Juve merchandise in there rapclips, lol.


Make it more popular under the rappers and you will see more stars and no more players leaving :tuttosport:


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Jul 30, 2015
We have to recognize the balls of our marketing department, IMO it doesn't make sense but who knows, maybe this kind of path is the one to become a favorite between millenials


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Aug 8, 2006




W T F is going on here?! A :jj: Hip Hop performance!!! ..what will Juventus become?

@lgorTudor @DAiDEViL @Siamak @Zacheryah like it?
I was supposed to go to this on Fri night but had better things to do

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