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Apr 4, 2014
Momblano: According to the agent Ramadani, Sarri frees himself from Chelsea today.

Momblano: Again according to this agent, Sarri will be announced as a new Juventus coach by Wednesday

Momblano: This version found no denials from Juventus.


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Aug 10, 2017
We all thought we are downgrading with Allegri now everyone think we are downgrading with Sarri...
In terms of what our team need - Sarri is more suitable for us than Allegri - Like it or not.
Scudetto - We will win it
Europe - Probably not..

Our team will get an identity but Im afraid that the really strong teams will understand how we play and counter us easily
Yes it will be nice to sarriball in full flow and getting the best out of the team


Mar 29, 2006
What do they have to explain? Momblano has a career of BS and "financial gurus" is a non-existent in football. Many here have chosen to believe it because it's what they are desperate for.
There were 'gurus' here too who were convinced as fuck he's coming. People were led on because of how reliable these reports or momblano was. I'm not bothered about the financial guys as it's not really their forte but the 'gurus' out there have lost their credibility.

I'm glad this pepfest is over now so we can concentrate on the more likely candidates #teampoch and grandpa sarri.

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Feb 21, 2017
“Chelsea will let Sarri go today & before wednesday he will sign for Juventus...according to the manager of Sarri. But I have different info.” [Momblano]
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