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Mar 18, 2019
I'm not talking about Klopp, I'm talking about Pep, he just talked about next season in EPL etc, this does not seem at all like a guy who is leaving.

And you have to know your audience, Pep is a straight shooter, he doesnt lie randomly just for the heck of it. The simpler conclusion is he is really preparing for next season in EPL.
And what is he supposed to say then? How many times do I have to repeat this?

Pep is a straight shooter and usually we know he's leaving before the end of season. Absolutely.

BUT, if he's leaving, he's leaving because of City, not him. City banned in CL, City banned in the market, who knows. It's not something that depends on Pep. He can't say anything because that would breach his commitment and contract with City. This is something out of his control. City are simply doing damage control. Pep? The same. He's protecting his own image. His credibility wouldn't be the greatest if he said anything damaging to City or even allured a hint at him leaving.

And, he did also say 'maybe they won't want me here anymore, bad season or whatever, things change etc'.


May 11, 2004
The fools in here have been trying to troll me about Marotta, every time I bring up the fact that everything about this club has become stale, rotten and unorganised since we fired him.
You know that I never liked him but I admit that he offered us stability and security like no other manager can. It's going to be sad to see Inter being run the way we should be run. I hope that soon Agnelli realizes what a farce Paratici is and he fixes that fast.


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Dec 31, 2002
We all thought we are downgrading with Allegri now everyone think we are downgrading with Sarri...
In terms of what our team need - Sarri is more suitable for us than Allegri - Like it or not.
Scudetto - We will win it
Europe - Probably not..

Our team will get an identity but Im afraid that the really strong teams will understand how we play and counter us easily
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