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Dec 12, 2012
Where’s Julian Brandt going? And who are the likely possibilities for a new coach for you guys?
Good question. I hope there is a chance to get ten Hag, but I m not sure if he wants to leave. I would like Pochettino, but don't see realistic chances..Tuchel seems highly unlikely too, Nagelsmann going to Leipzig, nevermind Klopp zero chance..these are the coaches I would prefer..not an easy market.

Just to see Kovac gone ll make me happy though, at least for a short while.

Brandt to Dortmund is done and dusted


Sep 4, 2006
Honestly I don't remember anyone else that touches his balls as a superstition. I'm not even old enough to remember Maifredi doing that, but he's the kind of guy who would.
Anyway Sarri and his tracksuit would not fit THIS Juve.
Del neri and zaccheroni but doesnt really count
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