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Bedpan racing champion
Jul 25, 2001
did you get stuck in the game? one of my classmates got obsessed by the fact that he couldn't get to the next level or something...


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
oh, nothing like that..I just hated the game..only played the demo, I think I was the only bloke in our school not obsessed by a computer generated character...:rolleyes:


Junior Member
Sep 30, 2002
i hate tom raider

great games:
For PS2:
Fifa 2002 & Fifa 2003, red Faction 1 & 2, GTA 3 & vice city, Mortal Kombat, there is some more....

For Xbox:
Project Ego, Fifa 2003, Unreal Championship 2003, Wreckless, DOA Volleyball, there is some more....

For Gamecube:
None!!! HAHA

For PC:
Battlefield 1942, Medal of honor, GTA3, Fifa2003, Championship manager (all), unreal tournament 2003, there is more...

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