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Jul 28, 2002
well it was birthday yesterday, and i can now do everything i did before, but legally :D...

neway jus like to say thank to liliana :strong::touched:


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Jul 28, 2002
cheers fella,well ive been doing them for soo long, the novelty wore off along time ago :dontcare:

Tip to all: Never overshake a moet, with not brace on the top,as u may shoot someone important with the cork :D

fgm .

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Mar 18, 2004
Dj Juve [] 15.04.2004 09:36

Dj Juve []
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happy bday mate.

FGM, welcome to the forums how old are you

Cheers DJ, thanks for the welcome. Im just finding my feet,so its good of you and Graham to take the trouble to say hello. By the way,Im really old,but I love Juve!

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