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Jul 25, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Majed ] ++
..hmm..errm... the quality of your posts maybe?!

:wallbang: i'm trying to jokingly imply that you're childish!... oh, never mind... at least Graham is on the same wavelength!
Childish? But I'm 20. Not exactly an immature age officially. Don't see the connection.

Had I been 13 or something then yes but the joke just horribly crashed now :D


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Jul 17, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Juventin0 ] ++
howa fe eih ya Majed,ana mesh fahem 7aga :D (Egyptian accent)
mfeesh 7aga ya 3am... alleh, ma tsta3bt6sh, 7ddeek b el-shllooot dilwa2ti... :groan:

Bhazzar m3ak ;)
[/Egyptian Accent]



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Jan 9, 2004
(hey, i didn't pull on your tongue, you asked it urself :p )
uh the very first impression was like 19 .....
cause you're not all serious like them guys

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