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Jul 17, 2002
I've decided to make dedication for my post number 1111. Mainly because it's a cool number, but also because my last dedication was...a bit strange...
So here goes in no particular order:
Martin: Obviously for creating this beautiful forum.

Magnus: 'cause it'd be weird if you weren't on the list.

Erik: I can always count on you to de-rail a topic.
You ARE the Anti-Mod!!! :D:thumb::strong:
(you're hard work on the Dutch football competion thread is appreciated)

Torkel: Great taste in music, video games, tv shows, and probably much more we haven't talked about yet!!

DJ_Juve: ahxhs, aguahd dchat kjhaxh kulah Juventuz exchku!!:D :thumb: :cool::howler: ehau:nerd: akxcnxhueu axdhvh!!:fool::D

Vitoria: For making me waste time watching old movies trying to get good quotes for the damned thread:D. I never thought I'd actually watch a film with a pen and paper ready!!:D

Tom: Well, we all love Tom, don't we? :)

Dennis: For getting posted in Football Italia :cool:
And in case you were wondering; that guy is an Inter fan

Oded: Rocket Boy:strong:
You keep climbing those post charts, man!(I'm thinking my Word Associaton - thread had something to do with this...;):D)

Here are some shorter dedications to all those who congratulated me on my 1000th post, even though it was weird:

Roby: first person to congratulate me :eyepatch:

Paranoia: for saying I deserved my 1000th post:touched:

GonJ: Where are you, anyway?:D:confused:

AlexDP: Your Nesta gif puts me in trance:D
Plus you make great and fun threads:thumb:

Febrina: Even though you've slowed down the rate of your posting:lazy:

Almajhool: We've got to come up with an easier nick for you;):D

Buf-fan: Don't worry about ever catching up to me, at the rate I'm going you'll have done it in no-time.

And last but definitely not least:
I dedicate this post to all my fans!
Because whenever I'm down, you can make it right. And that makes you larger than life.
Now, if anyone else thinks they've been forgotten, think again.
Read the previous paragraph and ask yourself this:
Am I (Sivori) not the person you admire most in the world?
Isn't it true that if you only had a picture of me you'd enlarge it to cover your entire ceiling?
Isn't it true that I(Sivori) am the person you think of when you wake up in the morning and again when you go to sleep at night?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes (and you're bound to have answered at least one of them yes), then you definitely are a fan, and you've gotten a great dedication just now.:stuckup::D

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Dec 31, 2000
Aaand he's back in the game! Just when you think you've seen the best dedication you realize your mistake.. :D

All the best, Sivori, wouldn't be the same without you! :thumb:

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