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Aug 7, 2002
08/09/2003. According to reports in Italy, Chelsea have completed the 22.5 million euro capture of Adrian Mutu from Parma.

A great player, that I really hoped would have come to Juve and stayed in Italy. Well what can I say, besides I peronally am upset. Plus, 2205 mil euros is not alot for a player of his quality:(

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Aug 7, 2002
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    The Romanian emerged as a target for Roman Abramovich yesterday, and it would appear as if the deal has been sealed.

    The striker scored 18 times last season in a prolific partnership with Adriano.

    The move has been confirmed by who report that Mutu has moved from Parma for £15 million.

    The Romanian international was considered one of the best up-and-coming players in Italy, having quickly established himself in Serie A.

    Mutu's agent told that an official statement would soon be forthcoming from Parma. The agent added that Mutu would definitely be playing for Chelsea.



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    Mar 6, 2003

    this year chelsea will be a tough thread.

    and i heard in some websites that they are looking for Eto'o too.


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    Apr 19, 2003
    Yeah they will sign Etoo as well....crap....i like them but damn Mutu was so good now he left Seria a...too bad..he was supposed to be Parma's Captain.
    I don't know how they all will adopt but just have a look.:eek:



    Plus they have Lampard, Petit, Gronkjaer, Gudjohnson....
    And Hasselbaink on his way to spain.Betis probably.

    Money makes all become crazy......................sad.:frown:


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    Jul 12, 2002
    Gudjohnsen and Hasselbaink are both better than Eto'o. They shouldn't even bother.

    If this team doesn't gel together quickly though, Ranieri will be out of a job rather early in the season after all the money that's been spent.


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    Jun 9, 2003
    Joe Cole probably wont play in the first 11. You can have that midfield line. Its fantastic in attack, but utterly useless in defence (except Geremi perhaps). They still need a ball winner.
    Aug 20, 2002
    I cannot believe it Serie A is being robbed by these Bastards, i just hope this Gimp Abramovich gets bored with football soon and leaves chelsea with a wage bill that is spiralling out of control, then let them suffer hahahahaha until then we can do nothing, its sad to see a great skill wasted in such a league.


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    Jan 12, 2002
    Chelsea is slowly becoming an English Dream Team .. nearly all signings are perfect ..

    About Veron he could play as a registra and give the offensive duties to Joe Cole in midfield or Ranieri could choose to have a Veron-Lampard pairing in which Veron roams more freely forward and flows the ball while Lampard defends ..

    Abra says that he will sign 2 strikers with the money intended to be used to get Vieri and those are Eto'o and Cisse !!

    -----------J. Cole----Veron---------

    or (more balanced)


    Eto'o could take an Adriano role and have a good partnership with Mutu .. if it didn't work then maybe other striker like Hasselbaink, Gudjohnsen or Cisse could step in and maybe Eto'o could partner them ..


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    Jun 9, 2003
    Since EPL isnt really defensive oriented, if I were Ranieri I'd try a 3-4-3. They'd wipe the floor with all EPL teams :cool:







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    Jul 16, 2003
    :wth: this team is getting more ridiculous everyday :(. What a shame for Parma. These guys never keep any of their gd players.....

    For all the stars Chelsea hv now, i only hope they hv the know how to make them shine. If not it would be such a waste

    and why diddn't we get mutu instead? :(

    Oh and yes..... if they get Davids i'll go with u to burn down that stadium..... not to mention kidnap mutu.....:stress:


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    Jan 31, 2003
    i dont understand why they only sold him for 15 million pounds. he is worth minimum 20.

    i'm very surprised but once again, i think it comes down to CL football and chelsea will be playing it. And of course, when a club buys players such as veron, duff etc...they look like they will able to win something.

    its amazing how this player was apparently a done deal for juve a while back, and then somehow we got di vaio, parma got mutu. mutu then turned out to be a super star in serie A and now chelsea of all teams have him because of this russian tycoon who basically buys him with his change in his pocket.:(

    i have this bad feeling that Davids is next on their list. if so, i seriously fear chelsea. their team is absolutely awesome!

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