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Feb 9, 2013
I thought he was 100% kidding watching that, I have no idea who this guy is, then I clicked on his twitter and he hashtags #dontwash in comments, the fuck, and some people(old people) are supporting him in this baffling idiocy? Come on...
The sad part is, that even if he is joking about this, there are Fox News viewers who won’t understand that and support this viewpoint, because: “hurr durr, fuk dem libtards, and the lyin’ science folk.”

Edit. He is joking. So you had dumb as shit outraged millennials, and even more retarded middle aged alt-right noodles trying to claim his joke is legitimate truth.

Internet really does expose the best and brightest. :lol2:


Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002

Twitter is a cesspool of idiocy and fake kneejerk outrage, i fucking hate millennials

Gotcha, he was clearly joking on air, it just looked weird it seemed like he was continuing the "comment" on twitter.

Twitter/social media's american politics discourse seems so tribalistic now that anything seems feesible now :D Internet might be the best invention ever, but also seriously the most frustrating for giving all kinds of idiots mouthpiece.

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