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Aug 7, 2003
this is what i saw from his interview with :(

======================================= Exclusive: A Sit-Down With Luciano Moggi
7/29/2004 3:55:00 PM

For years he has been considered as the great transfer guru of Italian football. Loved, nearly adored by the Juventini, hated by the rest of Italy. Luciano Moggi used to be train station chief (urban legend or truth?), now he’s part of Juventus history.

We ask him to talk about the four queens of Italian football: Milan, Inter, Roma and naturally Juventus. With a jump to Sardegna, for the return to Serie A of a glorious club: Cagliari.

Director, let’s start from the two Milan teams: "Milan were already strong before, and now with the new arrivals they have strengthened themselves further. Inter, instead, bought a lot of good players and have a great coach. I think that both teams, apart from being protagonists for the Scudetto, will be able to show good football."

Then there’s Roma and Juve: "We have operated well, I’m satisfied. Roma is a question mark. They have Totti and Cassano, two world class players who can guarantee great performances. Then we have to see what they can do."

Exactly, what will Roma do? And Juve? What can we expect from the market? "From Juventus nothing. Our transfer market ended with Emerson’s purchase. We are fine this way. For Roma instead, I think they will end with Mexes and it’s nearly done for Ferrari. They will also need a midfielder and it should be Perrotta, considering Tommasi’s serious injury. Roma were already strong, if they obtain these players they will also be challenging for the league."

And Gilardino? Will you be ’fighting’ for him? "No, I think he will remain at Parma. At least for this year."

After the four queens of the league, a comment on Cagliari. They return to Serie A after four years: "I’m pleased. Because we are talking about a team which represents an entire region. And they also have a president who always puts in a lot of work and passion. The advantage of the rossoblu is that of having a whole region backing them. And let me say it, I’m happy for President Cellino, a great person. Whoever knows him well, and I’m one of these, knows how much work and enthusiasm he puts in for his Cagliari. For this reason I’m particularly happy for Cagliari’s promotion to Serie A."

Finally, let’s talk about betting. Moggi, would you like to give some advice on bets? "I would bet on Juve. But I can’t say otherwise. But I know well that it will be a very tough battle."

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Jul 14, 2002
Fair comment, but that imo is because of Lippi. He was seemingly satisfied with what he had to work with. I don't think that Capello is.


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Feb 13, 2004
He's probably using this as a smokescreen....he might be working on something behind the curtains.....:D

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