Moggi you're amazing - Mexes to Juve in the next few days! (1 Viewer)


Jun 7, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Don Bes ] ++
i still think that we are better with moggi than most other teams
this is an albanian flag that u have there don bes?
better in which way?
better than having nothing?;-)
honestly now whatever we can say to moggi, he gave us capelo.


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Mar 28, 2004
Im sick and tired to hear how many member in here bash moggi each time they dont get his transfer fantasies fullfilled...please, if you dont like moggi, go feck yourselves and support any other team, like Inter or Ancona...
May 4, 2004
++ [ originally posted by yaboro ] ++
After Samual joins in RM, Lucio joins in Bayern, Stam joins in Milan,
who have been left to us? Mexes、Ferrari, maybe Burdisso、Rodriguez、Vidic.

About Ferrari. Do you still remember those matches when poor Ferrari was tortured by Baggio、Miccoli、Cassano and Zambrotta in the passed season? In a word, i think he is slow, not agile, esp, his reflexes is deadly slow sometimes.

About Emerson. Do you know why Roma couldn't win Serie A last season? Cause they were beat by Milan 4 times in a year. And why? Cause their midfields are not hard enough to overwhelm Milan's midfields(Gattusso、Pirlo、Seedorf、Kaka). In a word ,the key point is Emerson, he is slow, and not hard ,not good at defense. If Capello would have the chance to replace Emerson by Davis, i think Rome win will Serie A. But the truth is: they were defeat 4 times by Milan(including in Italian cup, no chance at all).

If we get Emerson for 15M Euros, and give him 4M salary per annual, do you think this slow Brazilian guy can lead our midfields to beat Milan?

So, I think Ferrari and Emerson have big defects. I prefer Mexes and Baptista/Motta.

hmmm i agree with u boy -------------------->>> NOT

hmm where should i start, look man, There are only 2 Defensiv Midfielders better then Emerson, thats Vieira and Davids... So he aint bad at all...

+ , about the milan stuff, we playd them 1-1 in milano, REMEMBER that was without Emerson, and it wont go worser if we play them again With Emerson... (btw DP was out in this game too)
and this BRAZILIEN guy (like u call him) he is the Capitano for the worlds greatest tema EVER!!! Brazil!!!
Imo we should be HAPPY that Emerson ONLY wants to join us...!!!


Sep 23, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Eaglesnake_1 ] ++
Im sick and tired to hear how many member in here bash moggi each time they dont get his transfer fantasies fullfilled...please, if you dont like moggi, go feck yourselves and support any other team, like Inter or Ancona...
Right on. You're going to land some. Some you are not. The goal is to land more than the competition does.


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Jul 14, 2002
I have this funny, maybe ignorant, feeling that Roma won't get Mexes. I don't know why, but I for some reason think that Mexes is Juve bound :undecide:


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Jul 14, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Freddy ] ++
Guys .. We must calm down a bit and get realistic...Moggi can't sign ALL the players in the world...
True. We should be content, afterall, Moggi did happen to get us Zebina.


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Dec 31, 2002
I think that Mexes could still be snapped by Juve in the last minute just like with Legrotagllie. the same goes with Gilardino.


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Jun 3, 2004
Hah,yeah, we should be calm. Moggi can't sign all the players in the world,but who have he brought for us ? Hmmm?

Zebina, maybe then Bonera, F.Canavaro ....shit!
Who are they ? Idiots or old fellows

Yes, Moggi signed Cappelo, but do you know who ordered him to do that? Respected Umberto. Agnielli !

Yes, Moggi signed Nedved、Buffon、Thuram in 2001, but do you know who required him to do that? Respected Giaovani. Agnielli !

And else ? What have he done? I mean in the recent 5 years, not the beginning 5 years (1994-1999) . He gave us a lot of Gea bullshits. He has never bought a player from abroad directly(since Trezguet in 2000) , and how many good players of the 4 strong nations (Brazil、France、Holland、Agentina) we have in today's Juve? En? Just two Frenchmen: Trez and Thuram. Even these two players are likely to be sold by him now, and the only Dutch Davis has been kicked now.

Oh my god ! Who have Moggi bought in the recent 5 years? Moggi has never signed a talented player from abroad directly (and now Kapo, for free). May be Juve will be the sole quality club which has no player of the 4 strong football nations(Bra、Fra、Holland、Agentina). Unthinkable. Disaster .

And now i doubt that Moggi feels threatened by Cappelo(Umberto's will ), so he will give him a lot of shitty players. Then, in next year ,or next 2 years,he will have the excuse to fire Cappelo. Then Moggi's position and power will be safe.

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