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Dec 16, 2002
Any team with Nesta in defence will not concede many goals, never mind having Stam and Maldini beside him.
As for Roma, I am curious who will be the leader in the defence - Ferrari, Mexes, and Chivu were all sweeper type leaders with their former teams, and Roma dont have charismatic veteran Walter Samuel anymore. That could be one hell of ego in the backline.:dontcare:. But I do think they will play well together as a group and the comparison with Legro is not justified. Ferrari and Mexes, unlike Legrotagglie, have been groomed to play in the big-stage from early on as they played highest level of soccer through U-21s. Furthermore, while Ferrari is a seasoned veteran in Serie A with plenty of playing experiences playing for 3 different teams (Bari, Inter, and Parma), Mexes already had on0e full international tournament with Les Blues (Confederations Cup), and handfull of CL matches, and experience of competiting for La Championat. In another words, obsensibly they are more prepared than Legrotagglie to make the switch, and such move to big club will be seen as a natural step in the ladder rather than surprise or even shock move. Most importantly, I believe Ferrari and Mexes have more talent than Legro, even if the latter was a very good player in Chievo. I cant say for sure that both Ferrari and Mexes will be successful, but I would love to have them in our team in heartbeat for sure.

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