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Dec 19, 2003
Moggi said today that he will look at players that will be available for free this summer because Juve can't compete with Chelsea, Real, Milan...... in the transfer market and added that we are the best so these players will chose to go to Juve.

Here's a list of free transfers, who would you take? If some are missing or have signed a new contract please correct me.

In Italy:

M. Albino C 33 Cagliari
R. Ametrano C 31 Messina
C. Amoroso C 28 Bologna
F. Antonioli P 35 Sampdoria
S. Argilli C 31 Siena
D. Belleri D 35 Livorno
D. Baggio C 33 Lazio
G. Berti P 37 Parma
J. Binotto C 29 Bologna
M. Brambilla C 31 Cagliari
Juarez D 31 Bologna
E. Chiesa A 33 Siena
L. Colucci C 31 Bologna
E. Corini C 34 Palermo
F. Couto D 35 Lazio
A. Cucciari C 35 Messina
S. D'Alterio C 24 Messina
I. De Franceschi C 30 Chievo
T. Dellas D 28 Roma
D. Delli Carri D 33 Fiorentina
L. Del Nevo C 29 Cagliari
P. Di Canio A 36 Lazio
A. Di Napoli A 30 Messina
T. A. Flo A 31 Siena
A. Fontana P 37 Inter
C. Gamarra D 33 Inter
G. Giannichedda C 31 Lazio
T. Locatelli C 35 Bologna
L. Marchegiani P 38 Chievo
S. Mihajlovic D 35 Inter
P. Negro D 32 Lazio
C. Nervo C 33 Bologna
G. Pagliuca P 37 Bologna
M. Schopp C 30 Brescia
M. Storari P 27 Messina
R. Taddei C 24 Siena
D. Tommasi C 30 Roma
L. Zauli C 33 Palermo
G. Zola C 38 Cagliari

Rest of the world:

E. Van der Sar P 34 Fulham (Ing)
F. de Boer D 34 Al Rayyan (Quatar)
S. Kuffour D 28 Bayern Monaco (Ger)
J.D. Oshadogan D 28 Monaco (Fra)
D.R. Placente D 27 B. Leverkusen (Ger)
J.L. Redondo D 27 Siviglia (Spa)
I. Ba C 31 Rizespor (Tur)
A.L. Celades C 29 Real Madrid (Spa)
S. Conceiçao C 30 Standerd Liegi (Bel)
R. de Boer C 34 Al Rayyan (Quatar)
S. Oliseh C 30 Borussia D. (Ger)
R. Ponte C 28 B. Leverkusen (Ger)
B.P. Savio C 30 Real Zaragoza (Spa)
M. Van Bommel C 27 PSV Eindhoven (Ola)
J.Zè Roberto C 30 Bayern Monaco (Ger)
S. Arveladze A 31 G. Rangers (Sco)
B. Auer A 23 Mainz 5 (Ger)
D. Bergkamp A 35 Arsenal (Ing)
S. Nonda A 27 Monaco (Fra)
A. Shearer A 34 Newcastle (Ing)

Interesting choices:

Giannichedda, Taddei, Kuffour, Placente, Van Bommel, Zè Roberto and Nonda.

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Jun 7, 2004
Giannichedda,Taddei,Zè Roberto, Placente and Nonda are indeed good enough from ur list,
so juve is officialy a "cheap" team:mad:
most of the time moggi is just :blah:
they seem to be juve material and moggi sure put his attention on some of them,
once again good job on the list mark


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Dec 19, 2003
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    this list I found on an italian site ;)

    yes, we are cheap.

    Our transfers go like this: Buy free players, swap deals and sell a Big name to get another one. We never buy a good player without selling one. We take care of our finance and I think it's a good idea(untill we start losing) :(

    Mr. Gol

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    Sep 15, 2004
    ++ [ originally posted by mark77 ] ++
    Giannichedda, Taddei, Kuffour, Placente, Van Bommel, Zè Roberto and Nonda.
    Ze Roberto is 31 no not a long term option - and besides that we already have Zambrotta, Nedved, Olivera and Kapo for that position. Placente would be silly considering Chiellini's progress. Van Bommel isn't ready yet for a big club, although he's been ready to leave PSV for over four years now.


    Jun 7, 2004
    one way or the other the vast majority of free players are problematic, most of them are too old and the rest have problems(fit or money) with their team and need to go,
    u get what u pay


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    Nov 18, 2003
    ++ [ originally posted by Blandest ] ++
    You could give Sunday Oliseh another shot :D
    You know more about Juve than i thought. *impressed:D*

    From the players, I'd take Nonda, Taddei, Kuffour, and Locatelli.


    Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
    Oct 27, 2004
    Taddei sux. He gave us a penalty and missed to mark emerson in the air. U want that in Juve? :p


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    Nov 10, 2003
    I can see Dellas and Kuffour coming in to sooth our defence problem, Bommel and Taddei to add some depth in midfield, and Nonda to give more option in attack.

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