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May 22, 2004
Bla Bla Bla just like always.
Just like : ''Deschamps will be the next Juventus coach.''

Guys what do you think of Pedretti ?
Very much people say that he has the Didier Deschamps gameplay.
Seems like we must scout that player ain't we...


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Jan 31, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Romano ] ++
Bla Bla Bla just like always.
Just like : ''Deschamps will be the next Juventus coach.''

Guys what do you think of Pedretti ?
Very much people say that he has the Didier Deschamps gameplay.
Seems like we must scout that player ain't we...
Pedretti signed for Marsaille already. why? i have no idea. we were rumoured to him just before he was snapped up. im sure it was marsaille though.

as for Cesar and oddo, well, that would be great. Oddo is needed, i can only think of trabelsi being the other option. Cesar is a classy player, im not sure why some here dont like him. im just wondering how capello would play if he does get both. oddo at right back, zambro at left back and cesar left wing...not bad at all.

as for that line up given, seeing emerson and tacchinardi as a duo is worrying as i think only emerson is needed.

anyway, i wont complain if cesar and oddo join juve. both are good players and we can use both well also.


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Dec 31, 2002
mmm I don`t know Cesar at all but I heard he is quite good as for Oddo I heard from you guys that he is very good but I still prefer us to put someone else instead of Tachhinardi
Davids is my favourite but I don`t know if we still have him with us next year
my second option is Maresca he is great and I`m sure that under Capello`s guidence he could become even a world class midfielder
and my third option is Blasi who I don`t know very well but I heard he is really good and I saw him in a Perugia game while he played for them and I remember him as a good player with some potential and I guess he got better by that time
what do you think?

and for our defence I prefer someone younger than Cannavaro (and to tell you the truth I rate Cannavaro but much lower than everyone else are rating him and it is not because his last season with Inter it is because I remember how Milan Osterc made fun of him when he past him and scored a goal which in the end helped Hapoel Tel Aviv eliminate Parma!) and I prefer another defender to start alongside Thuram and the other younger player and play Zebina as a sub as I don`t think he is good enough to be our starter


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Mar 30, 2003
Oddo (or Panucci) would be great adition, Thuram could move to the centre alongside with Legro (i hope that he settle this year for Juve) and with Zambo on left our defence would need only one young defender to mature untill Thuram will go...
So defence would look

Oddo ---- Thuram ---- Legro ----- Zambo

on bench
+ Birindeli
+ Pessotto
+ Iuliano
+ Zebina
+ someone young (like Mexes or Bonera or Ferari)

If it happen that Cannavaro will come we can get rid of Iuliano or Pessotto, but still our primary target should be young defender.

On wings we need to replace this crap boy Camoranesi, so far in Euro he plays owfully, and i never was admiring him in Juve. from right wingers i would prefer those whom i saw shining in EURO: van der Meyde (excange him with Inter), Joaquin (this boy realy has talent, i rate him as potencial superstar) or.... there is no more good right wingers, i heard that Malbranque (from Fulham) plays very well, but he is more AMC then AMR.
On left we have Nedved, and don't tell me that he is our central attacker or our tactick do not use left midfielder, i think coach can allways change atctik to serve club best. And how good was Nedved on left with free role roaming via the pich in Holland vs Chech's...... He is the best.. alongside him can come only Vincente or Pires with Robben but why buy player while we have one of the best?
In the centre we still can lure Davids back to play alongside with Maresca (they can be covered with Tacchinardi and Appiah) so we would need only the cover for both wingers, i hope someone young with lightning speed.....
And finaly our striker force is very good, they only need suport from creative midfielders and Juve maybe not this season but definately next will conquere Europe :) Capello is capable for this... His record prooves that he win everything with the club in 2-3 years and then goes down... so 3 years is enough for Dechamps to mature and become our next generation coach :D


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Jul 28, 2002
oddo, panucci, zebina??? please...last year we had lilian, a legend of a right back, but now he will be reverted to cb...i hope we get a suitable replacement....not panucci or oddo......jeesus trablesi is on a free...sign his ass, why spend money on panucci??


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Jan 30, 2004
They forced him to, Trabelsi lost the court case. He will be sold though probably, as he isn't happy at Ajax now anymore and Ajax isn't happy with him. Trabelsi didn't even celebrate the eredivisie title.

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