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Dec 31, 2000
Referee Moreno Takes Swipe At Trap

Ecuadorian referee Byron Moreno has said he'd like to hold a conversation with Italy boss Giovanni Trapattoni about the Azzurri's World Cup exit.

The controversial official made a number of debatable decisions in Italy's second round defeat against South Korea.

"I'd ask him why his side could only manage to score one goal in 90 minutes," he told the 'Gazzetta dello Sport'. "Why did he take off Del Piero? And why did Montella and Inzaghi stay on the bench?"

Moreno is no long on the FIFA list.




Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
Well I know nothing about Moggi, but about Byron "Butthead" Moron-o:

I dont think it is the right of a referee to question the decision of a NT coach. His job is to make sure the rules are being followed between the teams who are playing, and thats it.

Byron is nothing much of a footballing tactician to decide who to send on and who to take off, who should be playing and who shouldnt.

He is nobody to question the decisions of a tactician whose plans are known only to him and to the one he chooses to disclose them to, and the REFEREE is DEFINITELY NOT ONE OF THEM.

Moreno has no idea what was in his mind at the time and what he based his decisions on, so he has absolutely no right to speak or question anything.

In fact this is what I think about Moreno:

Moreno is a resentful but clever little bastard who is smarting from the pain and shame of being 'relieved' of his refereeing duties both on the national and international scene.

Though he is beaten in round one, he's refusing to back down, and now he's clever enough to try and take advantage of the azzurri fans' bad blood with Giovanni Trappatoni, and play us against him (Trap) so that some(if not all) of the blame placed on him will be removed and placed on old man Trap.

Its his form of revenge for being criticised by Trap and the Italian Football Association.

Its up to the public now, as Moreno is trying to appeal to the fans and the public to try and clear his image up a bit...


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Jan 4, 2003
Sorry Nick, nothing about Moggi...

About Moreno, what is he trying to prove, exactly??
Totally agree with Laresca (almost), except that he isn't clever!!
I seriously don't know where he gets the idea that anyone would listen (as in believing) to him or any of his opinion...

Of course I agree that Trap played a HUGE part in Italy's WC failure, but Moreno was the only reason they lost in that 2nd round!!! :fero:

And anyway, how is he ever gonna make up for his mistakes in the Ecuadorian local matches??? The coaches were to blame too???

Pathetic person...


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Jan 31, 2003
he would be great to have as he obvisously knows how to choose talent. I think the abundance of youth players juve have and loaned players proves this.

could he choose italy's players and still be there at juve?

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