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Oct 16, 2002
My mistake-prone first 11

Melchiot Montero Materazzi Iuliano
Davids Tudor
Camoranesi Veron Del Piero

With Barthez, you KNOW something's gonna happen.... he'll probably save spectacularly from certain goals, miskick his clearance, give away a penalty, and lets in easy goals... all probably in one game...

The defense, with Montero and Materazzi (helveg and legrottaglie are the subs) manning the central defense, you can expect:
a) one, or both of the central defenders' getting sent off
b) a penalty, or a free-kick (at the edge of the penalty box) given away
c) a horrible, horrible misunderstanding between centrebacks and gk
Fullbacks Iuliano and Melchiot WON"T be much of a help...

In midfield, Veron can povide some of the most spectacular cross-field through balls you'll ever see in your life, but he just doesn't know how to pass when the player he's passing to is right beside him... Then of course his tackling abilities is one to behold. Camoranesi will huff and puff.... and generally forget what on earth he's supposed to be doing.. Davids will do all the running, tackling, and arguing with refs needed for a player in his position, and he'll be lucky if he leaves the field with only conceding one yelllow card...

Upfront, Del Piero will turn and twist around defenders, then will screw it all up when he gets a clear shot on goal... And the only player who will manage to miss more clear cut chances in front of goal than DP is none other than inzaghi himself... who'll no doubt complain everytime he gets an offside call...

Oh, you cannot have a team without someone to coach them... And Claudio Ranieri (Kevin Keegan's the assistant) does the job superbly for the squad...


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May 1, 2004
gk: Bartez-brilliant and horrible depending on what day it is
Rb: Silvestre- ive seen him handball 3x in 1 match
Lb: Cocu- clumsy
RCb: Iuliano- always wonder how he made it?
LCb: Pessotto- no technical ability
Dm:I. Campo- the worst Real M. player ever
Lm:parlour- he can chase the ball but thats about it!
Rm:petit (portugese) never plays much for a good reason
Am: ????
Lf;Heskey- should have been a boxer
Rf:Fowler- consistently in poor form

Whats wrong with R. Carlos?


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
Whats wrong with R. Carlos?
Did you watch Brazil's games vs Denmark and France at WC1998? Those are just two examples of the horrible blunders he's capable of.


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Apr 22, 2003
You wouldn't really call him mistake-prone just because he was upstaged by Zambrotta though, it can happen to anyone :)


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Oct 27, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Art^ ] ++
Great thread.

GK: Barthez: To many unnecessary fancy moves, and his stunts saves could also be spared:

LB: R. Carlos: Bicycle kick, and he likes to hold on to the ball a tad too much. He is to attack-minded, so he is vulnerable on contras.

RB: Helveg (runner up: Melchiot): His good days are over. One way or another, he will loose the ball he just won. He also makes stupid moves in the defense and make bad passes back to the keeper.

CB: Iuliano (Runner up: Tudor): Do i need to say more

CB: Paramatti: Well everybody knows his story

LM: Davids: Iknow he isnt an LM, but he played it alot for Juve and Barca. He gives the ball to easy away and his unusefull longshots are 100% a goalkick guarantee.

MC: Beckham: He is lazy, dont have his fight-instict anymore. Looses to many balls, dives alot and he has clumsy tackles.

MC: Appiah: I know he is young, but he is to error prone. His passes are awfull and he lacks of creativity.

RM: Rommedahl: He cant cross. He cant pass. He cant tackle. He cant... he cant... and he cant...

FW: Vieri (Runner up Inzaghi)i: I actually rate him pretty high, but this Euro opened up my eyes.

FW: Salas (Runner up: Saviola): He might be unlucky, but he might also suck!


Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
Oct 27, 2004
u forgot Montero :p nah, we can acutally only have 11 players on the pitch, we cant fit anymore in. So please change the rules of football tassard before u put in Wes Brown :p (haha just kidding)
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Jun-hide ] ++
Just had a curious idea: what would be the most mistake prone starting 11 right now?

GK: Bartez vs Van der Sar: There is obviously personal bias on this position. The images of Van der Sar flapping crosses, and fumbling shots are still vivid. Montella, Sosa, Salas? :stress:. Cost us Serie A. Only a heroic effort of equal magnitude by Antonnioli almost prevented Roma from winning it.
I'm tired of arguing about VDS' performance for Juve, but given his excellent performances with Ajax, Fulham, and the Dutch NT; I'm going to say that's bullshit. Furthermore, how about Jerzy Dudek, Fabien Barthez, or Magnus Hedman?


Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
Oct 27, 2004
I think VDS is great! never watched him so much when he played for Juventus though, didnt have the channel. Watched them only in some CL matches :(


Sep 23, 2003
Barthez is in his own league. But these days, when it comes to the CL, Kahn is unfortunately starting to earn a reputation.

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