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Apr 6, 2019
There are four other midfielders I would sell before even thinking about selling Pjanic.

Seriously, we cannot afford to sell the only mid we have who doesn’t shit his pants when pressed.
Totally agree. As much as Pjanic has proven to NOT be a world class midfielder, he is still currently our most creative CM. Selling him would make zero sense, unless we brings in a replacement like Pogba, Coutinho, or even David silva.


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Apr 14, 2013
Hitting peak at the right time
Who could have predicted this would happen :allegri:

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Please. What a joke you are about Pjanic. Dude is inconsistent. That's all. But he's been fantastic for us when it counts. Was brilliant in our 16-17 run to the CL final, and has been brilliant over the last month now, closing out the scudetto, and knocking out Atletico.

Easily worth 80mil, if not more.
Pavle admits to not watch even half our games, why you arguing with someone who gets his opinion from what english pundits write about us?


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Apr 25, 2013
I thought Pjanic was in scintillating, WC form based on one good sub appearance. What happened?

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He is always meh. FK is the only thing he does well
The only diff between Pjanic last season and this season is FKs. Took them last season, Ronaldo stole his FKs this year.

Only time he played well for us was as mediano, not as a regista.

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Most already were caught up by Dec.

Though I've noticed the 100m Pjanic people reduced his price tag to 80m this month.

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