Merih Demiral (50 Viewers)

Apr 29, 2006
Demiral would be a perfect partner for De Ligt. You could see it from their positioning, tendencies. Hopefully the italian contingent would teach them a thing or two about team movements. Both are WC center-backs make no mistake about it. Both will be better than BonBon and probably even Chiello.

We are a super disjointed team atm and yet they managed to look semi-decent in their outings. BonBon needs a bodyguard that is smarter than him too :lol: so Chiello-BonBon was always a worry without Barza tbh.
Feb 10, 2007
That penalty is annoying me so much. I am trying to fault the attacker of simulation for leaving the ball and look for contact with Demiral but it's something I would do too to get an easy penalty. Demiral should have know better.