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Beppe Marotta Is My God
May 26, 2009
Turkish Chiellini.

Amazing in the air, knows how to tackle, physically imposing and the type of guy to rough up and put off oppositions players and he is very quick too. Born leader and clearly confident as well.

Get rid of beta Rugani if we need some funds this summer. This guy HAS to stay with us.

X Æ A-12

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Sep 4, 2006
I see Tuz is in the annual go crazy hyping a youngster in pre-season. Is there a Coman type gif yet?

Hope this guy turns into a star, but all this from a couple preseason matches :lol2:

Sassuolo had the 5th worst defense in serie a last year... :shifty:
sounds like he is a great defensive talent which is why it will be such a shame when "badass demiral" pops up and jinxes him into mediocrity.


King of Tuz
Jan 24, 2007
One underrated aspect of this signing is the views he will bring to Juve. Turkish fans are absolutely crazy. If he stays here Juve could conquer another country’s fan base.
turkish fans buy counter fit goods and pirate signals for game broadcast. they will only make black market suppliers richer. not juve


The Grimreaper
Jul 12, 2002
I love how they say "Juventus have said NO to a Demiral sell UNLESSSSSSSSS XXXXXXX"

FFS Juve just say that we will not sell Demiral and nothing else...


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Jan 26, 2009
I don't think anyone is overrating him. We're just impressed with what we have seen. Bonucci is a disaster waiting to happen, and Rugani is still a soft pussy who can't take charge or go into tackles. Like I said, by season's end, this guy should become 3rd choice behind Chiellini and De Light, unless Bonucci rediscovers his form (highly unlikely at this point). I'm also excited by the prospect of Romero developing further @ Genoa. I love pacey defenders who know how to defend.

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