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Aug 27, 2010
Rumours of him considering his future at the club:
Merih Demiral, who has not evaluated any of the transfer offers for a long time, is not satisfied with the playing time he received and decided to evaluate the offers. (via @yakupcinar on Twitter). The main reason why Demiral wants to evaluate the offers is to go to EURO 2021. The clubs that want Merih Demiral are:
- Real Madrid
- Atletico Madrid
- Liverpool
- Tottenham
- Leicester City
Juventus demand 50mln€ for Merih Demiral. Juventus are not open to a loan + option deal.
[@fanatikcomtr] via @bianconerizone
Really doubt its true, he was injured and thats the reason he has not played, but anyway, for 50m I would probably cash on him. Looks good for us but also seems to be injury prone and 50m in post covid market is hefty price.


Release clause?
May 22, 2009
Wait, why is he acting as if he's been healthy? Man isn't even available.

He needs to step up and stay healthy to overtake Bonucci. The bar is set so low as Bonucci is shit. Sounds like a whiny bitch, tempted to sell if we can get 50m.


Mar 6, 2003
That news is getting steam

If true, demiral is a major douche becauze like some people have said he has gotten his minutes and on top ofbit has been injured for a long time.

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